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From urban dictionary:

A woman who is considered sexually promiscuous, either due to her attitude, way in which she dresses, or her number of partners, it could also mean a combination of all three. From urban dictionary:

A woman who is considered sexually promiscuous, either due to her attitude, way in which she dresses, or her number of partners, it could also mean a combination of all three.

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What does hootchie mama mean?

"Hootchie mama" is a slang that means you dress up or look as if you were a show off by wearing short skrits, bikini tops, booty shorts, and short tops or by having a huge butt or big breast so you end up looking like a wannabe.

What is a hoochie mama?

Hoochie Mama! A woman who dresses very loud and provocative (often low class- does not take care of herself very well) She is also associated with being promiscuous. In more derogatory terms, a hooker, slut, ho, trick, escort etc. However, in some cases it could mean a very sexy lady. According to the Urban Dictionary:'Couchie is adapted from the French word coucher for "to go to bed" (like our word "couch", which you can lie down on). And around the turn of the century in really gritty clubs and circuses (and for a long time after that) women who danced suggestively rolling their hips were "hootchie coutchie" dancers, or dancing the "hootchie coochie".'

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