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it varies on the horse- some horses like polo's other love carrots some like peaes etc. I don't think there is a mane favourite treat!

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What are most horses favorite treat?

Peppermints, carrots or apples

What is in a horse treat that makes horses like it so much?

Things in a horse treat may contain carrots, apples, or other things that horses may like. They like it because their favorite food type is in the treat.

What is your dogs favorite treat?

My dogs favorite treat is goldfish.

How do humans treat horses?

Most humans treat horses well, but some humans (unfortunately) abuse them.

What are horses favorite foods?

Here are some suggestions: Dried grass, Alfalfa, Apples, Peanuts and Salt. Horses love, love sugar cubes. If you have a horse, you can give it sugar cubes as a treat.

Can horses eat carrots?

Yes, horses can have carrots as a treat/snack.

Can horses eat a carrot?

Yes carrots are considered a good treat for horses.

Why are horses lame?

because you treat them rolly

What do horses love as a treat?

Carrots, Apples

How do you treat warts on a horses nose?

a vet...

Why is carrots good for horses?

While carrots make a nice treat they actually are not that healthy of a food for horses. This is due to them containing sugar. As a treat they are fine in small amounts and are better for horses than apples.

What is an horses life cycles?

i love horses and i still don't know about horses a lot but i you sure have to treat them like a child!!

What is the Missouri fox trotters favorite food?

All horses no matter what breed require the same basic food. However some horses will prefer a certain type of treat over another type. This is due to individual taste and not breed.

Can horses eat twizzlers?

Yes, they can. Keeping sweets like these or jellybeans are a good treat for horses.

Is feeding horses corn safe?

it is fine to give corn to horses. they love it as a nice treat

What is the horses favorite thing to do?


What are Poseidon's favorite things?


What is a horses favorite color?


What is a horses favorite hair style to wair?

Horses really don't have a favorite hair style they just leave it the way they want!

Are Arabian horses good childrens horses?

Yes. Also, Arabian horses are my second favorite horse, after Appaloosa.

Whats a horses favorite food?

i think that horses don't have a favorite food they eat what they eat to bad its my science fair project yep

What is a cats favorite treat?


What is JFK's favorite treat?

ask him...

What is my dog's favorite treat?


What are horses favorite body part?

A horses doesn't have a 'favorite' body part. Picking out a favorite body part is a human attribute more concerned with vanity than anything else.