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horses are housed in stables.

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How many horses in Europe?

Europe is the home of horses. there are to many to count!

What is a horses home called?

A stable.

How do call a home of a horse?

In the wild horses do not have a home, horses kept by humans for work, sport or pleasure would house them in a stable.

What are wild horses the animal?

wild horses are horses without a home. they sometimes travel together in a group with a mare and a stallion

Where do sea horses make their home?

in seaweed

Do you have any home interior pictures of horses?

yes i do

How are sea horses bodies suited to their habitat?

the sea horses can try to blend in with the home it picks and make sure he or she makes sure the home she picks is warm or cold.

What is a gypsy home called?

The gypsy home pulled behind cars or horses were called CARAVANS.

Were war horses brought home?

Rarely, but neither were dogs.

What is the best horse game ever?

horses come home

What is a home for horses called?

The home of a horse is called a barn or a stable, and they sleep in a stall which is in the barn or stable.

What has the author Marsha Hubler written?

Marsha Hubler has written: 'The long ride home' -- subject(s): Horses, People with disabilities, Parents, Foster home care, Christian life, Fiction 'Trouble with Skye' -- subject(s): Fiction, Horses, Christian life, Foster home care 'Draw Me Closer, Lord' 'Trouble times two' -- subject(s): Fiction, Horses, Christian life, Foster home care, Runaways, African Americans 'Whispering hope' -- subject(s): Fiction, Horses, Wild horses, Training, Christian life, Behavior, Foster home care 'Blue ribbon Champ' -- subject(s): Fiction, Horses, Christian life, Foster home care, People with mental disabilities, Down syndrome 'Skye's final test' -- subject(s): Fiction, Horses, Christian life, Foster home care, People with mental disabilities, Down syndrome

Will Bella and ace the horses like there new home?

Yes they will love it.

What kind and colour of picture of horses should be used at home?


Does horses have any special body parts that will help it to eat hunt or built a home?

Horses do not hunt or build homes. The graze for food.

Where does Ellen whitaker keep her horses?

Ellen keeps her horses at her own farm in barnsley south york which is live 5 mins from her home

Why horses are in endangered?

Horses themselves are not endangered but certain species are. Australia is home to the most wild horses in the world. They are brumbies, they are an official breed however, the other small percentage of wild horses in the world are not so popular. It is mainly the wild horses that are endangered because domestic horses are in the care of humans, have vets and a properly fed.

What is the horse home?

Sometimes that can mean horses that are abandoned and are taken to a "horse Home" or that could mean a barn or stable

Home remedies for keeping flies off horses?

There are a few home remedies for keeping flies off of a horses skin. One of them is to apply bacon grease to the coat. Another method is to spray them with white vinegar.

What is the derivation of the expression 'Kentucky is the land of beautiful horses and fast women'?

Kentucky- Home of fast women, beautiful horses & good bourbon!

How do humans help horses?

they do this by feeding them, caring for them, loving them and giving them a home to live in.

What did horses carry in the war?

Mainly soldiers gear that they had to take to their home front.

Can you really see horses in Lexington KY?

It's the perfect place to see horses. The Bluegrass State is the home to some of the biggest horse farms in the country.

Where did the phrase home James come from?

Home James, and don't spare the horses. Fred Hillebrand 1893 - ?: title of a song [1934]

What is the name of horse home?

A horses home can have many names, stable, stall, barn, loose box, farm, ranch, etc.

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