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What is a host of a disease?

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its something that has a disease & passes it on

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What is Graft versus host disease?

What does the term "Graft versus host disease" mean? Immunologic reaction involving the attack of host cells by donor immune cells.

What is the name for a living thing upon which a disease agent lives and feeds?

The victim of disease or parasites is called the "host" (host organism).

What is graft-vs.-host disease?

Graft-vs.-host disease is an immune attack on the recipient by cells from a donor.

What are the two ways a mosquito may harm its host?

they can irritate the skin and disease the "host".

What does blood transfusion graft-vs.-host disease affect?

Blood transfusion graft-vs.-host disease affects mostly the blood.

How do Viral infections reproduce?

It has to have a host cell to reproduce then it kills that cell becausethere are so many viral disease in side the host cell. The Viral disease will continue you to kill host cell until you get an antibiotic

What is a susceptible host?

someone that is exposed to infections disease.

Which an organism often an insect or rodent that carries disease or plasmids used to transport into a host cell?

An organism that carries disease to another possible host is a vector or carrier.

What 3 factors cause disease?

1. the host 2.disease agenys 3.environment

What suggestion can you give to prevent outbreaks of infectious disease?

Kill anything that could be host to the disease. Without hosts, the disease will not spread.

How does rabies affect the cell host?

It affects the host by attacking its immune system, then the host counter acts the disease with pure skill :D

An organism that carries a disease-causing microorganism from one host to another?

An organism that carries a disease-causing microorganism from one host to another is called a vector. An example of a vector is a deer tick carrying Lyme disease.

What is The medical term meaning microorganism capable of causing disease in a host?

A pathogen is a microorganism capable of causing disease.

Who proposed the grem theory of disease?

The germ theory of disease is the theory that microorganisms are the cause of disease. They spread when the host is exposed to the pathogen by various means.

Basic principles of disease occurrence?

In general health terms, the basic principles of disease-occurrence include the following: First, there must be an active disease-agent of some kind present in or near an organism that is subject to its operation. Second, the organism must be in a receptive state to the disease-agent, that is, must be penetrable in some manner by the disease-agent. Third, upon penetration of the host-organism, the disease-agent must be strong enough (whether in respect to internal potency, ineffective host-organism defenses, or absence of host-organism defenses) to plant and grow within the host-organism.

When is Graft versus host disease most likely to occur?

A Graft versus host disease is most likely to occur or happen, when a tissue transplant does not take because the body fights the transplanted tissue. The recipient or host body rejects the tissue and attacks it.

What causes a communicable disease?

Any number of bacteria or viruses can be considered "communicable." That simply means that it can be passed from host to host.

Is cholera a host or a vector?

Cholera is neither host nor the vector. Cholera is a disease caused by vibrio cholerae bacteria.

What effect do pathogens have on the body?

Pathogens cause disease or illness to their host.

What is the vector of the disease shingles?

Humans are the only known host of VZV.

An infection disease is a disease that?

Not to be confused with a contagious disease, a infectious disease is one that infects cells and can reproduce within it via its own DNA structure. A contagious disease is one that can travel from one host to another.

In what three main ways do pathogens affect their host?

A pathogen (being something living from the goodness a body example: a tic living from a dog) 3 ways it can effect the host is: * disease of the host as the pathogen carried disease. * malnutrition of the host as the host can become weak due to the pathogen surviving from the hosts body. Example would be iron deficiency in the host, due to the pathogen using the hosts blood to live on * finally death of the host.

What is the relationship of the three factors in the existence of diseases?

the relationship of the 3 factors of disease is the disease starting from the host to enviroment to agents.

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