What is a hyenas predator other than a lion?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is a hyenas predator other than a lion?
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Do leopards have predators?

Not really, besides a lion there is no other predator in the wild that can hunt leopards. Hyenas may gang up on a leopard but other than that the lion is the only animal a leopard does not want to run into.

What are some predators that hunt a lion?

A healthy lion is an apex predator: No animals, other than man, prey on it in its natural habitat. That being said, male lions do kill each other over territory and females. Also, a pack of hyenas can kill a lion, and so can a crocodile, although these sorts of incidents are rare. Neither hyenas nor crocodiles target lions as prey.

How fast are hyenas?

Hyenas are quite fast slower than a cheeter but fast than a lion

Who is the African lion's natural enemy?

Me! The Nile Crocodile is the only predator, other than man, than can kill an African lion without help.

What omnivore eats a lion?

None other than scavengers. Lions are an apex predator. A hyena might attack in unprotected lion cub.

Are they really at the bottom of the food chain the hyenas in lion king?

Hyenas are at the top of the food chain, equal with lions. The hyenas in "The Lion King" are misrepresented. They are portrayed as dumb scavengers. In real life, they actually hunt at least as much of their food as lions do, and lions frequently steal carcasses from hyenas, as much if not more than the other way around. Additionally, hyenas are not stupid animals either, and actually have more complex social behavior than even lions do.

What is an animal predator of a lion?

There are no animals other than humans that prey on lions.

Are lions stronger than hyenas?

An adult lion is considerably bigger, heavier and stronger than a hyena.

Is a hyena's jaw stronger than a lion's?

Yes. Hyenas have a stronger jaw then lions

Are there any movies about hyenas other than the Lion King?

Yes. There is a comedy starring Jim Carrey and John Travolta called "Hi Eena".

How many hyena's were in Lion King 1?

There were a countless population of hyenas along with Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed seen in The Lion King during the "Be Prepared" sequence and in the events that led up to the film's climatic battle. So, it's rather impossible to know exactly how many hyenas other than Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were in The Lion King.

What animal stronger than hyenas?

i would say that leopards are stronger and lions and tigers too.