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What is a hypnotherapist?

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A Hypnotherapist is a person that will try to put their subject under hypnosis (not all subjects are candidates for being hypnotised.) Hypnotherapists try to reach into your subconscious mind so they can find out what traumas you may be hiding there and giving them clues into helping you to get well. Certain patients are so traumatized they have blocked out memory of the trauma.

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When was Stephen Brooks - hypnotherapist - born?

Stephen Brooks - hypnotherapist - was born on 1951-07-21.

Do you tip a hypnotherapist?

* No you do not tip a hypnotherapist unless they are more like a Side Show for entertainment and then you would pay them a fee. A Hypnotherapist is often a professional in Psychiatry but not all Psychiatrists use this method and not all people can be hypnotized

What are the release dates for Visionaries - 2005 What Is a Hypnotherapist?

Visionaries - 2005 What Is a Hypnotherapist was released on: USA: 3 May 2006

Who has jade from little mix to curve her nerves?


Im afraid of cats but you dont want anyone to know help?

You need a hypnotherapist.

How much does a hypnotherapist gets paid?

58-60 k per annual year UK

Who books a Hypnotherapist?

Anyone who wants to improve their life in some way. The most common ones are quitting smoking and losing weight. I've personally seen clients for getting rid of fears and phobias such as flying and snakes to sexual dysfunctions such as impotence, to kids biting their nails and bed wetting. There are many things to see a hypnotherapist for. If you're not sure send me a short e-mail and ask, and I'll tell you if a hypnotherapist can help you.

Where can you find hypnosis?

Your GP might be able to help you find a good hypnotherapist - some psychologists also do hypnotherapy.

Is hypnotherapy an art and a science?

I think hypnotherapy is a bit of both. There are certain things that have to be done in a session but the way they are done is completely at the discretion of the hypnotherapist.

What are the release dates for Samantha Who - 2007 The Hypnotherapist 1-6?

Samantha Who - 2007 The Hypnotherapist 1-6 was released on: USA: 19 November 2007 Australia: 9 March 2008 Israel: 21 April 2008 Germany: 8 October 2008 Hungary: 26 December 2008 Japan: 15 February 2009

What is the difference between hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist?

This is a very personal view. Please explore other views for your own conclusions.A hypnotist can cover stage hypnosis also and is not necessarily there to provide therapy. Therapy assists the client with difficulties he or she may have. A hypnotist may well be able to do this, but the title 'hypnotherapist' makes that clear. Therefore one should look for that title when seeking help.Also, a hypnotist may be able to provide therapy, but a hypnotherapist is involved in therapy only and is therefore likely to have the most experience.Clinical hypnotherapy, in my view, means very little. 'Clinical' infers 'of a clinic,' which will be the case with many practitioners operating from a clinic, or it infers a scientific credibility which has not yet been sufficiently achieved in the view of the main scientific community, although many are now looking favourably upon it.. As a hypnotherapist, I believe in the efficacy of this therapy. However, there are many terms that could be placed before the title of hypnotherapist. For example, 'transpersonal' is a good description if one feels that the therapy goes beyond, say, behaviourism or has some deeper effect than the mere changing of habits. Transpersonal infers mind, body and spirit therapy, which is the basis of most complementary therapies.I would therefore prefer the term 'transpersonal hypnotherapist. It is a matter of choice and perspective.

What is the best hypnosis program for weight loss?

As a hypnotherapist I recommend self-hypnosis. No matter how good a hypnosis program may look, you never know if they use subliminal messages. It's pretty difficult to find a good hypnotherapist, let a lone a good hypnosis program. In order to give a helpful answer I would need to know more about the problem and why this question has been asked.

What are the risks of hypnosis?

There are no risks concerning Hypnosis as one would typically encounter with other medical and alternative treatments. There are no adverse side effects or risks of mental or physical damage. You are conscious and aware for the entire session so a Hypnotherapist cannot make a client do or say anything anything they do not wish to. If a Hypnotherapist were to suggest something that the client did not agree with, the client could simply choose not to follow the suggestion, voice their disquiet with the suggestion, or even choose to get up and leave. The Relationship between Hypnotherapist and Client is based on trust and mutually agreeing of the course of treatment, if one of both of these are not present then Hypnosis cannot be induced.

Where do you get hypnosis?

You can find a Certified Hypnotherapist in your area from an internet search. Moreover you could learn hypnoses with much ease. Conversational hypnosis is easy to learn. You can learn it from through online.

Does online hypnosis really work?

Definitely Yes! Visiting a hypnotherapist can prove expensive, time-consuming and potentially embarrassing while online hypnosis take the pain out of hypnosis.

How much do you pay to become hypnotized?

Generally 100-500 a session, and the number of sessions depends on you, the hypnotist and what you are trying to accomplish. You can also do self-hypnosis without the use of a hypnotherapist for free.

Where can I get a grant to study online to become a certified hypnotherapist ?

There are currently no grant programs listed for elder guardianship,however you may be eligible for a small business grant,from the state of North Carolina.

How do you do instant hypnosis?

Instant Hypnosis takes the pain out of hypnosis. We believe that hypnosis is an extraordinarily powerful method of improving oneself. However, actually visiting a hypnotherapist can prove expensive, time-consuming and potentially embarrassing.

Where can i find weight loss hypnosis?

There are quite a few resources out there for hypnosis. You can look in your Yellowpages to see if there are any near you. Ben Chew is a certified hypnotherapist that can do a variety of self improvement things, including weight loss.

I'm a psychiatric RN tired of mainstream medicine. I want to be a hypnotherapist. any ideas on the best certification programs in western pa how long how much can i leave nursing and make a career of this?

You can get training here

What is the salary range in hypnotherapy?

There is no salary wage as such, it all depends upon what the therapist charges their clients for a session and ofcourse what overheads they have. I have not heard of anyone being actually hired as a hypnotherapist just of those who have set up on their own.

What do you need to be an effective hypnotherapist?

This is a personal opinion: you need a degree in applied psychology or social work, because hypnotherapy isn't of much overall use in the treatment of emotional and medical problems, and you'll need other resources.

How important are CBT Skills for a practicing Hypnotherapist and What is the best way to acquire them?

It is through the CBT skills that the hypnotherapist is in a better position to treat patients. It is essential to go for a proper accredited degree or diploma of CBT. You can gain this degree at Clifton practice which imparts theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the same. All in all you will need to sit through 50 hours of guided learning hours and extra murals over a period of three months and which also include three weekend attendances at Clifton Practice.

What kind of Hypnotists are there?

What kinds of Hypnotists are there?There are Stage Hypnotists who perform shows, Hypnotherapists who perform hypnotherapy (helping people with many different things the most common of which are quitting smoking and losing weight, however people see hypnotherapists for many other issues they want help resolving) and Clinical Hypnotherapists who also see people for hypnotherapy and have more training than Hypnotherapists.You may hear other titles like Master Hypnotist, Master Stage Hypnotist, Master Hypnotherapist, however they are just other variations of names for the other three. All of these hypnotists may or may not perform stage shows and/or hypnotherapy. It is important to note that a Stage Hypnotist and/or Hypnotist performing a seminar such as quit smoking or weight loss may not be a Hypnotherapist. Check their credentials. I'm personally a Stage Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. In addition, the council has also given me a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor certification as I also teach Stage Hypnosis.

What does hypnotherapy focus on?

Hypnotherapy will focus upon whatever the client wants (eg unresolved personal issues; self-esteem, confidence etc; smoking cessation; management of pain/ discomfort etc etc...), and this should be discussed extensively by therapist and client before any actual therapy commences. A competent and ethical hypnotherapist will take time to get to know clients, understand their personal circumstances, needs etc, and will go to great lengths to explain what hypnosis is, and is not, the techniques/ methodologies to be used, and the reasoning behind these. There's nothing magical about hypnosis/ hypnotherapy; it's simply a very focused form of interpersonal communication during which the client is guided/ "coached" in using a trance state to effect personal aims. Any "hypnotherapist" claiming otherwise is a charlaton, and should be avoided like the plague! Hypnosis/ hypnotherapy can not "cure" any disease/ condition: it's a helping tool that can be effective in aiding clients to better cope with difficult aspects of their lives. Last, but not least, hypnotherapy should never be attempted with people suffering from serious mental illness - unless undertaken by a board certified/ licenced psychiatrist, or conducted by a certified clinical psychologist or hypnotherapist working under the direction/ supervision of a patient's psychiatrist. A competent and ethical hypnotherapist will always check for signs of underlying mental illness in any new client, and if there are serious concerns about the client's mental well-being will refuse or defer any therapy until the individual has been assessed by an appropriately qualified medical practitioner.

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