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What is a job that requires a college degree and a graduate degree?

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Degree requirements for job applications

A job that requires a college degree is often aimed at people with some college course work that has earned them a certificate or degree. This requirement would be fulfilled by someone having a Bachelor's degree (or beyond).

A requirement of a graduate degree imposes the applicant(s) to have a Master's degree (or beyond).


Some jobs that require advanced degrees are doctor, psychologist, college professor, engineer, and pharmaci

All of this does not help you any bit i dont understand why they put this up

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Q: What is a job that requires a college degree and a graduate degree?
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What do you mean about at least bachelor's or college graduate?

You can be a college graduate with an associates degree (two year program of study), or a bachelors degree (four year program of study). If this is referring to a job posting that requires a degree, I must say the posting was not worded appropriately.

What can you do with a minor degree in psychology after you graduate college?

you can get a job

What purpose does a graduate degree serve in your long term professional goal?

To get a job that requires that degree!

Why to graduate from college?

you graduate college because you want to get a jobAn individual usually wants to graduate from college in order to get a job in an area that requires a special degree. Some people feel that a college degree will lead to a higher paying job. This has proven to be true in many cases. Several other reasons a person wants to graduate from college include: a) the amount of time one has put in studying to pass classes, b) the amount of money that one has invested in textbooks for classes, and c) the amount of money that they had to pay for classes that they took.

What is the meaning of a jobless graduate?

Generally speaking, a jobless graduate refers to a college graduate. It can be any degree, such as a Mater's degree of a Ph.d. The question identifies the situation where a college educated person can find no job.

What is a job that requires a graduate degree?

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How much education do you need to become a machinist?

This job requires and associates degree to a bacholer's degree! You will also need to be a high school graduate!

Is a College or University degree needed for Sharepoint Jobs?

"A job of Sharepoint Administrator generally requires a college degree, usually in IT. Previous job experience in the field is also preferred, but not always required."

What jobs require bothe college and graduate degrees?

Any job that requires a doctorate or Ph.d or Masters requires both. Any medical doctor requires advanced education.

Why is it neccesary to graduate college to get a job?

There are many jobs that don't require a college education. It is not necessary to be a college graduate in order to get one of those jobs. Certain professions, however, do require a college degree and only college graduates will get hire for these jobs.

How much money does a teacher earn as a high school graduate?

There are very few places where a high school graduate without a college degree can get a job as a teacher.

A college graduate who has just been offered a high paying job would most likely do what?

A college graduate who has just been offered a high paying job, he or she would most likely accept the job. If the job requires the new hire to relocate, the employer might reimburse the new hire for the cost of moving.

Is some one with an associates of arts degree an college graduate?

Yes, if you have finished college and earned that degree from it. But if you want a really good job, keep going up and earn some more degrees!

Should a president be a college graduate?

There are no constitutional requirement concerning the education of a president. You question is obviously a matter of opinion. In general a college degree is most helpful in getting a first job. It is no guarantee that the person will be a good employee-- what really matters is what the person does once he is on the job. Being President requires many skills that can not be taught.

Where will you get your first job?

from college when you finished graduate

What is the degree necessitated for a field engineer job?

To become a field engineer you need an engineering degree with a concentration in a subject like petroleum. This degree requires 4 years of study at college.

What do you do when you finish your six years of college?

you finish your six years of college then you wait til you graduate and get your bachelors degree. Then after you do that you go and get a job to teach and then you do a lot of signing things and moving stuff in.

What are the qualifications for a Graduate surveyor job?

An entry level graduate estate surveyor job usually requires several things. First you will need an estate management degree. Then you will need AssocRICS. It is also alright to apply if you went to a non-accredited school to obtain your degree. Once you have experience you can work your way up to the next level.

Do rig welder jobs require a graduate degree?

Although rig welder jobs do not all require a graduate degree, it is much easier to get hired with the degree. Therefore a graduate degree is strongly recommended for those wishing to find a job

What is Advantage Of Graduate Education?

There is not one if you are depending on the graduate degree without the experience to face this job market.

What can you do with a history degree?

In today's world a four year college degree in history opens the door to several career choices. Generally speaking, in the US, for example, a history degree can be the basis for graduate work in history and using the history degree as way to obtain a job in teaching history. It is the lift off point for becoming a teaching career in US universities, college and high school. Many history degree students however, qualify for entry level jobs in the private and public sector. The degree in history or other major, is often enough to get an interview for a job that requires a college degree. In these circumstances, training is often provided by the employer.

What does graduate or degree mean on an job application?

Graduate means bachelor's degree such as BA, BCA, BBA, B.Sc, B.Com, BE/B.Tech and so on .. if candidates have graduate degree then they can apply for various of jobs.Get more more Thanks,

Does one need a college degree to get a journalism job?

One does not need a college degree to get a journalism job. Their are many people who have journalism jobs without a college degree. Most journalism jobs require a degree but not all.

Will having a college degree help you in this job market?

A college degree can most certainly help a person in a job market. Employers usually prefer college graduates for higher paying job.

Which is better undergraduate degree or graduate degree?

Both are good but a graduate degree can be more helpful with one's employment or when one is looking for a better or different job. A graduate degree is often more time-consuming and difficult but with good study habits, one can succeed. With the many online graduate degree programs available, it can help those who want a graduate degree, obtain one!