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What is a job that requires a college degree and a graduate degree?

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Degree requirements for job applications

A job that requires a college degree is often aimed at people with some college course work that has earned them a certificate or degree. This requirement would be fulfilled by someone having a Bachelor's degree (or beyond).

A requirement of a graduate degree imposes the applicant(s) to have a Master's degree (or beyond).


Some jobs that require advanced degrees are doctor, psychologist, college professor, engineer, and pharmaci

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You can be a college graduate with an associates degree (two year program of study), or a bachelors degree (four year program of study). If this is referring to a job posting that requires a degree, I must say the posting was not worded appropriately.

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Generally speaking, a jobless graduate refers to a college graduate. It can be any degree, such as a Mater's degree of a Ph.d. The question identifies the situation where a college educated person can find no job.

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you graduate college because you want to get a job An individual usually wants to graduate from college in order to get a job in an area that requires a special degree. Some people feel that a college degree will lead to a higher paying job. This has proven to be true in many cases. Several other reasons a person wants to graduate from college include: a) the amount of time one has put in studying to pass classes, b) the amount of money that one has invested in textbooks for classes, and c) the amount of money that they had to pay for classes that they took.

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