What is a journey plumber?


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Journeymen plumbers are mechanics who work under the auspicious of a master plumber and are also expected to help train apprentices

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A journey man plumber is a person who went through and completed an apprenticeship program, or a training program. A master plumber is someone who takes an exam given by the state or city in which he works in. After passing the exam and meeting all the requirements set by the municipality, he is given a license and is a Licensed Master Plumber.

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Any worker who installs or repairs piping and related equipment for the conveyance of water, gas, or drainage into or out of buildings, or within buildings to fixtures or equipment using water. The type of material used for the conduits varies with the application and may be of lead, iron, copper, glass, plastic, or other material.Plumbers have to be able to:1.Plan out the job required, or work out what needs repairing2. Be able to follow plans and drawings, and understand technicalinstructions3. Order materials from suppliers4. Fix baths, sinks, radiators, etc. to walls, in floors or ducts5. Measure distances to work out the lengths of piping needed6. Cut and bend piping to correct dimensions7. Join piping so that it doesn’t leak8. Work as part of a team with joiners, bricklayers, electricians, etc.

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