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What is a key code?


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A key code is a promotional code or a key used on games to see its legal or what not.


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the key code and id code is 54367890124 is the id and 560123 is the key

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No, this is an email key code only.

This product is the key code only.

The key code is the serial code that is printed on the game manual.

The key code for an ignition key is different for each make and model of car. The thing to do is contact the dealership or a locksmith to find the correct key code for the make and model of the vehicle in question.

"Product Key-Code" meaning there is no DVD in the box, the software setup is accessed online using the Key-Code.

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The scancode is the code of the key in the keyboard and the ascii is the code for a symbol, in this way you can have the same key configured in different ways for different keyboards

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there are no animal codes or "key" codes if you are talking about animal jam

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You make a bear at a store and you get a key code and id.

Go to a locksmith they will code your key for $30.00.

You will find the key code like most 90 models honda. where the trunk lever is. first you remove the cover and pull out the key cylinder and imprinted on the side will be the key code.

that is the key code for that particular type of lock or cylinder. So if you see that code on the cylinder lock that is the key for it.

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