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What is a key result area?


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Key Result areaIn this phrase key means a vital, crucial element.

Key Result Area refers to general areas of outputs or outcomes for which the departments role is responsible.

in simple terms may be defined as primary responsibility of an individual ,the core area which each person is accountable


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Apparently, KRA means Key Responsibility Area, or Key Result Area.

KRA refers 'Key Result Areas' which mean the area that can be monitored for performance results and can be seen as persona; objectives on the ways to achieving a longer term goal.

The key result of procurement is that the company has the raw materials that they need when they need it to produce its product or sell a product to the customer. A secondary result is that the company does not have downtime waiting on supplies.

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I'm sorry, but this question does not make sense.

The key result area in marketing is the aspect that must be focused on to achieve or better the "bottom line." This varies by company. Some aspects to consider are what the purpose of the business is, what results should be achieved, how to get the product or service to the target market, what the condition of the offerings is, and what the amount of offerings is.

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