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It is an illegal program that will generate a serial number for whatever game or software that it is made for. It's the equivalent of piracy because you have to pay for the software in order to obtain a serial number to use the software, yet a keygen allows you to use the software for free. Not fair for those who spent countless hours creating the software that you want to use. Therefore, WikiAnswers cannot nor will not provide information on where to obtain keygens or how to use them.
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How does keygens work?

Serial numbers for computer software have a specific pattern, which allows the installer or application to detect whether or not it is a legit key. A very simple example would be that every serial number has exactly three occurances of the number 5 in it - so 1932-1253-2319-5512 would be a working s ( Full Answer )

Do keygens have viruses?

Sometimes, a Keygen is a program that does the same job as a virus (entering and modifying programs while bypassing countermeasures) but the difference is they are much simpler. Look at the size of the file, there's no reason for a keygen to be very large and there's no way for a virus to be very sm ( Full Answer )

How do you open a keygen?

A key generator is most often a simple .exe file, in which case all you have to do to open it is to double click it just like any other file.

Where can you get the blockland keygen?

Did you buy it? When you have the demo you must search by Youtube(demo is the douwnloaded one).When you buy it in the cd box or on the box must be one that no one else try it.

Where you can find keygen for PES 2010?

Where Is Your Serial Number The serial number would either be on the back of the CD case or within the documentation that came with your software when you purchased it. You will know it is the serial number because it is a mix of numbers and/or letters separated by dashes, usually around 20 characte ( Full Answer )

Does digital insanity keygen have viruses or malware?

"no. what your getting is what is called a "false-positive." the reason that happens is due to the fact that some keygens are coded similar to a trojan." This is what I originally thought, once I used it everything was fine and my AV software and anti-malware were not showing any issue's until I u ( Full Answer )

Do firewalls think keygens are trojans and do they hurt your computer?

A keygen is a program that edits a file it isn't affiliated with and most antivirus software considers that a hacking attempt (because it is). The difference here is your entire goal is to hack the program, the thing to remember about keygens is they are small. Viruses on the otherhand are typically ( Full Answer )

What is a serial crack keygen?

First off you need to know basic hacker lingo, a "Crack" is a program that's designed to work outside it'sspecifications, say a no CD crack which allows you to use a piratedprogram with a Virtual Drive when you would typically require adisc. What you're talking about is a product key generation prog ( Full Answer )

Where can you download free keygen for the settlers 7?

Use a bit torrent like Vuze and search for what you need there, you can get almost any file complete with keygens or cracks as needed sometimes before the programs are actually released. Downloading something to downloading something might feel uncomfortable but it's a good investment, and remember ( Full Answer )

Will you get caught using Sony Vegas keygen?

You can try, I did, but 2 days later I got a call from the police... Your anti-virus will say it's dangerous but ignore that, it is correct it is a virus, but not one that is dangerous towards the computer, it hacks Sony and generates fake license codes. It's very risky. I'm never doing it again, m ( Full Answer )

Are keygens safe to use?

Most people say no because when you're dealing with illegal programs there's always the possibility your supplier wants to mess up your day but if your smart about it the risk of using a keygen isn't any greater than using the internet. It's all about file size, if a keygen is very small then it' ( Full Answer )

How do you download assassins creed brotherhood keygen?

In my opion i think you cant download it....You must buy the gameand see the keygen...I have tried so many times to download ac brotherhood heygen but all he keygens are fake or they need password to show you the key :(

Why you use keygens?

You basically use them for registration for something... or you could get them from somewhere illegally and then put in the registration information that the keygen gave you. They could essentially be used for good.. or bad

What is the password for the keygen in battlefield 3?

If you want to get the keygen password you have to purchase the game or the code. Unless you get it from a friend or for free on a trusted website, then you are going to have to purchase it. Any other way is probably illegal.

What is the purpose the computer software called Windows Vista KeyGen?

Windows Vista has the distinction of being the most secure yet most problematic version of Windows. The privacy and performance issues were partially due to the fact that Vista would prevent the user from logging in if they didn't have a product key or their Vista copy was determined as counterfeit. ( Full Answer )

What does a SSH Keygen actually do?

An SSH Keygen is used to generate, manage, and convert authentication keys for SSH authentication. With an SSH Keygen tool, a user can create passphrase keys for both SSH protocol version 1 and 2.