What is a keygen?

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It is an illegal program that will generate a serial number for whatever game or software that it is made for. It's the equivalent of piracy because you have to pay for the software in order to obtain a serial number to use the software, yet a keygen allows you to use the software for free. Not fair for those who spent countless hours creating the software that you want to use. Therefore, WikiAnswers cannot nor will not provide information on where to obtain keygens or how to use them.

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Q: What is a keygen?
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What program do you need to use a keygen?

A keygen should be an exe file so you really shouldn't need anything.

What does a SSH Keygen actually do?

An SSH Keygen is used to generate, manage, and convert authentication keys for SSH authentication. With an SSH Keygen tool, a user can create passphrase keys for both SSH protocol version 1 and 2.

What is a password for Vegas movie studio?

You have to use a keygen to unpatch sony's security systems. Use digital insanity's sony keygen.

Does any keygen have any effect on PC?

Some of them do add few spyware, malware. Best to open a Keygen in a Sandbox (e.g. Sandboxie).

Installation of keygen of perfect clock?


How do you unlock chuzzle deluxe?

you need to buy it or find a keygen

How can you get fruity loops 9 keygen?

from torrents

Does madden 11 keygen have viruses?

no it does not fyi

Which is keygen for Battle VS chess?


Wtm copy protection 2.41 keygen?


Can you be caught using a keygen?

Only if you post that you are on the internet

What is the password for the keygen in battlefield 3?

If you want to get the keygen password you have to purchase the game or the code. Unless you get it from a friend or for free on a trusted website, then you are going to have to purchase it. Any other way is probably illegal.

Where to get a swagbucks keygen generator?

You don't it's against the rules.

Can you download something to override any CD keys on games?

if you have lost your CD key then you can dowload something called a keygen as it will find the key code for that game aslong as you the keygen for the game you need the CD key for.

Is sony Vegas 5 free to download?

Well Of Corse.If You Have Keygen

How do you take licence for ultra mp3 in nokia n73?

use keygen

Why doesn't my keygen work?

Because you are supposed to buy software, not steal it.

Where you can get virus?

You can get viruses literally anywhere. Especially crack / keygen sites. 

Any keygen for Need for speed hot persiut?

jd83h83hr75h29dhj20r4 i hope that helps

Does Anybody Have A Serial Number or Crack or Keygen For Assassin's Creed Brotherhood PC?


The keygen of game -TrackMania 2 Canyon?


How do you download assassins creed brotherhood keygen?

In my opion i think you cant download it....You must buy the gameand see the keygen...I have tried so many times to download ac brotherhood heygen but all he keygens are fake or they need password to show you the key :(

What is the keygen for batman arkham city?

7687f6e7f687687fe That should work :D

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How do you download fl studio and keygen full version?

You can go to the ImageLine page and get a Demo, then if you like it, buy it.