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Any new "lumps" on your body are never normal and should be evaluated by a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment. It may be nothing. It may be a cyst, or it may be something more serious. You need to go to a doctor. In person. No one is able to (or will) diagnose you online, whether they have medical training or not. You only have one body. Don't chance something serious on the response of strangers online. Please contact a health professional immediately.

~ T

I'm sure the above answer is sound, but i have psoriasis, and i have an on and off-again sore in my nose that builds up, it does look like a huge whitehead but it hurts, especially when i need to blow my nose. I've noticed it grows bigger when it's hurting, but then all of a sudden it's gone. it still feels tight when my nose is dry, but the bump is gone for at least a month. if you have psoriasis then you know our skin cells multiply much quicker than nose-pickers! sorry, i just saw that someone said nose-picking was the cause:) but baby oil applied when it hurts will soften it.

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