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Q: What is a lamb and eggplant recipe called?
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What can you use instead of Eggplant in a recipe?

You can substitute zucchini for eggplant in many recipes.

Where did mousaka come from?

It is a Greek dish of Cheese, Lamb and eggplant

What is a good eggplant recipe?

Eggplant is extremely healthy and is also very tasty. A great recipe is to make eggplant lasagna. You basically replace the pasta with eggplant. You will need eggs, water, crisco oil tomato sauce salt and cajun. Make it just like you would a lasagna.

Why is an eggplant called a eggplant?

eggplant is eggplant jus cos god liked the name

Can zucchini be substituted for eggplant in an eggplant parmesan recipe?

I wouldn't , the water content in zucchini is pretty high and its not as firm as eggplant so it may go a bit mushy. There is a recipe for it though , here; See related link Give it a try.

Can anyone give me a recipe along with the procedure for cooking lamb? this site provide you with the instructions of how to cook lamb, and the recipe looks pretty good. It should be a good dish. Good luck.

What is the meat of a lamb called?

The meat of a lamb is simply called lamb or lamb meat.

Where can someone find an eggplant parmesan recipe?

There are many wonderful avenues for finding recipes. Cookbooks, cooking magazines, and recipe books are great resources that contain a large number of different recipes. To find a recipe for eggplant Parmesan in particular there are some great websites that can supply all of the information needed. Simplyrecipes and allrecipes will provide a variety of recipes for eggplant Parmesan that are sure to please.

What is a good recipe for leg of lamb?

A good recipe for leg of lamb is rosemary and garlic roast. There are many other recipes of lamb, it can be served like traditional mutton as well. You can read some good cooking books to make different types of lamb dishes.

Is an adult lamb's baby called a lamb?

An adult lamb is called a Sheep. Yes, a sheep's baby is called a lamb.

What is young lamb meat called?

Young lamb meat is called "lamb." Older lamb or sheep meat is called "mutton."

What are the most common ingredients in Argentina?

Beef, Cheese, Steak, Lamb, Goat, Eggplant, Garlic, Sausages

What is flesh of lamb called?

lamb meat is called lamb, sheep meat is called mutton (Mutt-On)

What is a young lamb called?

A lamb

What is a small lamb called?


What is the french translation for the word eggplant?

an eggplant is called "une aubergine" (fem.) in French.

Where can one get some eggplant recipe ideas?

"The Eggplant Cookbook-Classic and Contemporary Recipes for Today's Healthy Diet" by the author Rosemary Moon has many eggplant recipe ideas. Currently the book sells for approximately $43-$44 on Amazon and has positive ratings. Another book is by author Helene Seigel, and is titled "Totally Eggplant Cookbook". According to users, the book shows many ways to prep an eggplant, from stuffing it to frying, baking, roasting and even braising it.

Where do you get the eggplant for Ben's rainbow recipe on harvest moon tree of tranquility?

cook ratatoie on a red head

Where can I find a lamb shank recipe?

There are plenty of lamb shank recipes out their that either you or your husband could give a try in the kitchen:

What is a baby female lamb called?


What is a mommy lamb called?

Ewe lamb

What is a lamb called in England?

We call it a 'lamb'.

What is baby lamb that you eat called?


What is a group of lamb called?

A group of lamb is called a flock.

What search terms are best to find a recipe for lamp with mint sauce?

The best search terms to find a recipe for LAMB with MINT SAUCE is to enter the words lamb mint sauce recipe into any search engine. Using Google, I found 1,500,000 search hits. You can also try lamb mint sauce without the word recipe, but those are likely to duplicate your previous search results.