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What is a learning disability?

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A learning disability is a condition which hinders a persons' learning. There are many different types of learning disabilities, ranging in severity from mild to severe. Dyslexia, for example, makes it difficult to read words in a 'proper' manner, causing the afflicted individual strain when trying to read and comprehend material. Some forms of dyslexia inhibit the afflicted's ability to write; what takes one person an hour to write may take another five, depending on the level of disability at hand.
A learning disability is a disability that makes it harder for people to do well in school and in life just in general. It could make is harder to read or write or make it hard to concentrate during school. It could make it harder for people to do activities.

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Is Developmental Dysphasia a learning disability?

Developmental Dysphasia is considered to be a learning disability

Is Susan Boyle disabled?

Learning DisabilitySusan Boyle has a Learning Disability.

What is the difference between an intellectual disability and a learning disability?

An Intellectual disability means incapability of learning certain tasks, whereas a learning disability means that the person has certain obstacles to learning certain things but has the ability to do so.

What is the difference between learning problems and learning disability?

All learning problems are not due to Learning Disability but all Learning Disabled shows learning problems.

What disability does singer Cher have?

She has a learning disability.

Does Learning Disabilities have to be capitalized?

learning disability

Can you have learning disabilities when your anemic?

You may have learning disabilities and be anemic if you already had that learning disability before, however anemia cannot cause a learning disability.

What disability does Bruce Jenner have?

The learning disability, dyslexia.

Is illiteracy a learning disability?

many people are illiterate. this is not a learning disability in itself. but illiteracy can be caused by learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Difference between a learning and physical disabilities?

according to a learning disability is: a disorder found in children of normal intelligence who have difficulties in learning specific skills physical disability: disability to perform a physical act, or mental disability

Is dyslexia the same thing as a learning disability?

Dyslexia is one form of learning disability. There are a number of others.

What disability do they claim Albert Einstein possessed?

Learning Disability

What is the largest disability group in US schools?

A Learning Disability

What disability affected Albert Einstein's life?

A learning disability

What is dislepsia?

learning disability

Does a person with a learning disability need special education?

Yes a peron with a learning disability needs special education.

What is the most common learning disability?

According to, a reading disability is the most common learning disability. Dyslexia is one of the most common reading disabilities.

Give examples how people can be labeled with a learning disability?

A person can be labeled with a learning disability for not being able to read or write. They can also be labeled with a learning disability if the person reads below their own grade average. They may be labelled as having a learning disability if they have difficulty settling down in class and concentrating.

Is calcium deficiency a learning disability?

Calcium deficiency is NOT a learning disability. It's just a lack of calcium in the body, it's not a learning disability however some people with calcium deficiency may also have learning disabilities. -x- K -x-

How do you use disability in a sentence?

Example sentence - My brother has a learning disability.

Is phenylketonuria a learning disability?

Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare genetic condition that is present from birth. It is a learning disability that can damage the brain.

Is Learning disabilities a disability?

Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare genetic condition that is present from birth. It is a learning disability that can damage the brain.

What is considered a learning disability?


What was michelangelo's learning disability?


How is mild and moderate learning disability defined?

a mild/moderate learning disability is defined, when the individual has an IQ of between 50-70.