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What is a lightning conductor and how does it work?

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A lightening conductor is a thick copper wire or strip that connects a spike secured onto the tallest point of a building to a long copper earth pole that is hammered deep into the ground at the side of the building.

It protects the building from lightning strikes, by providing an easier path for current to flow to earth than through the building.

In the event of a direct lightning strike, the current in the conductor may be so great as to melt or even vaporize the metal, but the damage to the building will nevertheless be limited.

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Who discovered the lightning conductor?

Benjamin Franklin discovered the lightning conductor.

When was Lightning Conductor - film - created?

Lightning Conductor - film - was created in 1938.

Is a lightning rod an electric conductor or an insulator?


Are lightning rod or plastic better metal lightning rods?

For a lightning conductor, we need an electrical conductor, so the iron would be superior.

What are the release dates for The Lightning Conductor - 1914?

The Lightning Conductor - 1914 was released on: USA: May 1914

What are the lightning conductor?

A lightning conductor is a metal rod that is usually attached to the top most part of a building. It is connected by a thick insulated copper wire into the ground where it is attached to a metal and buried. A lightning conductor is used to protect buildings from lightning damage.

What happens when lightning strikes a lightning conductor?

It travels through the metal to the ground

Why does lightning get attracted to the lightning conductor?

Because the lightning conductor is the easiest path from the sky to the ground. It's like asking why does someone take a short route, rather than the long route.

Who is the inventor of the lightning conductor?

benjamin franklin

Who invented lightning conductor?

Benjamin Franklin

What are the metals used for lightning conductor?


Who is the inventor of a lightning conductor?

benjamin franklin

How did the lightning conductor come about?

it came about when Benjamin Franklin wanted to prove that lightning is electricity

Can lightning strike rubber?

Lightning can strike rubber although it is not a good conductor of electricity.

Who invented lightning arrester?

Lightning arrester or lightning rod is a rod paired with a conductor. The lightning arrester was invented by Benjamin Franklin in the late 1749.

Does lightning hit water?

Yes. Water is a conductor.

Who is credited with inventing the lightning conductor?

benjemin franklin

Why lightning conductor contains radioactive compound?

It doesn't.

Who inverted the lightning conductor?

I think ben franklin did

How does air can become a conductor during lightning?

air becomes good conductor during lightning and thunderstorm as usually it is a bad conductor because when there is lightning the lightning bolt travel through air,an electron flow takes place. this electron flow through the air leaves behinfd it a little hollow channel in the air it produces charge and air gets charged with this and becomes good conductor during lightning and thundestorm. thanx.......... prachi singh india

Can lightning strike people in lake water?

yes, because water is a very good conductor of lightning

Who invented the lightning conductor?

Benjamin Franklin is the likely inventor.

What happens if there is no conductor and the lightning strikes the tower?

the tower will explodes

Who is the inventor of lightning conductor?

Benjamin Franklin is the answer you're looking for.

When lightning hits the ocean?

Lightning doesn't strike the ocean as much as it does land. However, when it does, the lightning spreads out over the water because water is a conductor.

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