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Q: What is a likely source of salmonella bacteria?
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Is salmonella bacteria prokaryotic?

Salmonella is a prokaryotic bacteria

What bacteria causes salmonella?

"Salmonella poisoning" (salmonellosis/ enteris) is caused by the bacteria of the genus Salmonella.

Is salmonella food poisoning a bacteria or a virus?

Salmonella is indeed a bacteria.

How many varieties of salmonella bacteria exist?

salmonella bacteria exist

What bacteria are most common in raw poultry?

The bacteria most likely to become a problem in raw poultry are salmonella.

Does food poisoning bacteria grow in Salmonella?

Salmonella is the name of a species of bacteria.

Is salmonella a bacteria or a virus?

It is a bacteria.

Is Salmonella a Bacteria or Virus?

It is a bacteria.

Is salmonella an autotroph or a heterotroph?

Since Salmonella is a type of bacteria, and bacteria are heterotrophs, salmonella is probably also a heterotroph.

Is salmonella a anaerobic or aerobic?

Salmonella bacteria are anaerobic.

What is the pathogen name for salmonella?

Salmonella is caused by the Salmonella genus of bacteria, specifically salmonella enteridica.

Is Salmonella an autotroph?

I don't think so, since bacteria is a heterotroph, and salmonella is a type of bacteria.

What does drinking eggs do for bodybuilders?

It is a raw source of protein which is needed for muscle growthn. It can also be a source for salmonella, a bacteria that causes food poisoning.

What is the Kingdom for salmonella?


What is the bacteria in eggs?


What is the size of salmonella bacteria?

123 mb is the size of salmonella

Is salmonella enteritidis a virus or a bacteria?

It's a bacteria.

Is salmonella microscopic?

Yes, but you can sometimes see colonies of salmonella bacteria.

What type of microbe is salmonella?


What bacteria is in raw bacon?


Which bacteria are considered beneficial?


What is turtle disease?

salmonella bacteria

What bacteria are considered beneficial?


How do you spell salmonella?

That is the correct spelling of salmonella, typically food poisoning caused by bacteria (genus Salmonella).

Why can fruits and vegetables have salmonella?

They are not a food source on which the bacteria would normally grow. However, they can become contaminated (smeared with) with the bacteria during bad kitchen hygiene practices.