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What is a lipid droplet?

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A lipid is a compound that is insoluble (unable to be dissolved) in water but can be dissolved in other nonpolar solvents. The category of lipids includes oil, fat and wax.

A lipid droplet is a small amount of that compound.

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What is the function of lipid droplets in an animal cell?

A lipid droplet is used to store energy within a cell.

What is an adiposome?

An adiposome is an organelle in the form of a lipid droplet with protein in its membrane.

What is the role of the role of the lipid droplet in a chloroplast?

Lipids can store much energy.Excess starch are turned into lipids and stored.

Why is the adipose tissue nucleus pushed to the side of the cell?

Adipocytes contain a large droplet of lipid, which pushes the nucleus to the side of the cell.

What is the singular possessive of droplet?

The possessive form of the singular noun droplet is droplet's.

What rhymes with droplet?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word droplet.

What did a droplet say to another droplet?

are u wet

What do droplet precautions do?

Droplet Precautions prevent the spread of organisms that travel on particles much larger than the droplet nuclei.

Where do you split the word droplet into syllables?

Droplet has two syllables: drop-let.

What is the difference between a snow flake and a water droplet?

the difference between a snowflake and a water droplet is that a water droplet is a snowflake before and after it is actualy formed!!

How many ounces of fluid in a droplet of fluid?

The tiny fraction of an ounce that constitutes the volume of a droplet would depend on the size of the droplet. The size of the droplet would depend on the viscosity of the fluid, which is subject to change with increase or decrease in temperature.

What is a sentence using the word droplet?

The bucket of water spilled a droplet of water on the floor.

Which is greater - the terminal velocity of a small blood droplet or the terminal velocity of a large blood droplet?

The small blood droplet would have a greater terminal velocity. The smaller droplet has a smaller surface area, thus suffers less air resistance.

What does the word droplet mean?

A droplet is a little drop of rain or any one liquid in a small form

What is a mucus droplet?


What is droplet transmission?

Droplet transmission is a form of contact transmission basically it is the consequence of being coughed on, sneezed on, spit on .

What is the primary difference between a cloud droplet and a raindrop?

a raindrop comes from a cumulonimbus cloud. there is no such thing as a cloud droplet.

Is cholesterol a protein lipid or a carbohydrate?

lipid, its fat. Its Lipoprotein or we can say Protein-lipid, a combination of protein and lipid.

What are the signs and symptoms of droplet infections?

A Droplet Infection is acquired through the respiratory tract. Sneezing, Coughing or inhaling droplets from the air. Always wear a mask when in direct contact with someone suffering from droplet infection

If there is a bigger water droplet size is there a better chance of precipitation?

direct chance of precipitation increases and water droplet increases

Is nucleotide a lipid?

yes its lipid

Is a lipid a carbohydrate?

No a lipid is not a carbohydrate.

How does diphtheria enter the body?


What does the word shizuku mean?


Is a water droplet a liquid?

of course