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Donna Karan (DKNY)

What is a list of DKNY 2nd season from stardoll?

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Answered 2010-03-20 09:24:41

Theres Loads.

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log into stardoll, click magazine on the bar at the top of the page then click stardoll cinema on the 2nd part of the bar

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The name of the second episode was Britney / Brittany You can view a complete list of the 2nd season episodes here

Calie's sister!Just kiding I don't know.

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There will be no 2nd season. The show was canceled.

Yes!! After the 1st season. As we know there is a 2nd but there is a break, so the second half of the 2nd season comes back in January! (If you live in USA)

Yes, the 2nd season already ended.

No, it hasn't even finished its 2nd season yet. Not Yet, Didnt Finish Second(2nd) Season

Yes, they will have the second season shown in the U.S.

There is no plan for a second season release.

1st season AK squared2nd season DJ's Mix

We will find out whenever they start showing season two on tv.

There is no Season 2 Episode 26. Episode 25 was the season finale.

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Well there are 3 seasons. In the 1st season she is 6. 2nd season she is 7. And 3rd season she is 8.

The second season is over, and so is the third but the fourth season starts on January 1, 2014.