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The bump could be a dew claw or an extra toe. Both are acceptable and even normal � they are considered leftover appendages from their prehistoric days. They do not really serve a purpose nowadays. Dew claws serve a very important purpose on certain breeds, such as the Great Pyrenees, which are known for them. If your Great Pyrenees guard your flock or horses and you are out in the woods, they can use them there and possibly win against the Fischer cats and other predators! Dogs and cats actually walk on their toes. That's why their paws have 4 toes. That "pink thing" is like their thumb For more information, see the Related Links section to the left.

It might be its dewclaw/extra toe as the person above me said. If it has a bone/claw-like thing coming out of it, it's definitely a dewclaw. Most vets often have the option to remove them for you, but seeing how it's unnecessary as it doesn't really hurt the dog, you don't have to.

It might be a tumor, also. If so, get it out quickly. If it doesn't seem to be any one of these, it may just be the dog's pad and you don't need to worry.

Always check with a vet or someone you know that owns a dog or the internet for advice.

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Q: What is a little pink thing coming out the back of your dog's leg?
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