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What is a local oscillation?

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A local oscillator is used in a superheterodyne radio circuit for example.The incoming radio frequency is mixed with an internal local oscillator circuit to generate a new intermediate frequency (IF) .The local oscillator usually runs at a frequency of 470kHz and is generated by an inductor and capacitor(LC oscillator)

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Damped (or free) oscillation occurs when an object is set to vibrate at its natural frequency while forced oscillation involves the application of a force to keep an object in constant or repetitive motion.

Oscillation Isolator was created in 2009.

NO,oscillation is not necessarily a wave because energy is not transported in oscillation.In oscillation there is no space periodicity.An oscillation is periodic in time only where as a wave is periodic in time and space both.

An oscillation in which the amplitude remains constant with respect to time.

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It is an oscillation that occurs constantly or in order with respect to the perod of oscillations

The object has an oscillation frequency of 23 hz.

Torsional oscillation is the vibration on a motor shaft that is caused by harmonics in the motor.

Light is an electromagnetic wave, that is, an oscillation of both the electric and the magnetic fields.

Oscillation IS a factor in sound generation of a synthesizer.

Oscillation that increases without limit. Eventually it will destroy things.

The larger the surface area, the larger the damping of an oscillation

The swing of a pendulum is called an oscillation. The furthest point in each oscillation is the amplitude.

Frictional forces is one of the oscillation. T the moment this is at rest.

oscillation is nothing but producing an sine wave with constant amplitudes or silmply we can say a vibrations.

The maximum distance that pendulum moves away from its position at rest is called the amplitude of oscillation.

The definition of the word oscillation is "movement back and forth at a regular speed."

The length of one complete wave or cycle of oscillation is a wavelength.

Mass oscillation time period = 2 pi sq rt. (m/k) Pendulum oscillation time period = 2 pi sq rt. (l/g)

Any oscillation in which the amplitude of the oscillating quantity decreases with time is referred as damped oscillation. Also known as damped vibration,

Torsion = turning Oscillation = repeated motion toraion oscillation is repeated turing back and forth. Imagine you have a weight hanging on the end of a piece of string. Twist the weight and, when released, it will oscillate torsionally.

an oscillation is a disturbance in space that does not move in time and a wave is a propagated distrbance in space and time.

low frequency oscillation

center of oscillation means the point at the pendulum which oscillate by making higher displacement through it than other points.

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