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What is a long stem funnel?

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A funnel with a long stem (the straight part below the cone shaped part)

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What is the name of a long stem funnel?

a long stemd funnel is a thistle tube funnel

What else is a funnel with a long stem called?

This type can be called filtration funnel.

What is wrong with using a narrow long stem funnel in the filtration of a hot solution in a recrystallization?

If you use a long stem funnel instead of a short or no-stemmed one, you risk your product recrystallizing within the stem.

What is a funnel with a long stem called?

a thistletubeA funnel with a long stem is called a thistle tube. This tube allows a chemist add liquid to an existing system or apparatus.

What is a long stem funnel used for?

Used for transfering liquids to containers with small openings.

What is a thistle funnel and how is it used?

it is a funnel having the shape of thistle flower n a long glass stem. this funnel is used to add reagents to reaction vessels. generally made of glass

Describe the structure of a nephron?

looks like a tiny funnel with a very long stem. Stem is quite unusual in that it is highly convoluted (it has many bends in it)

What is the purpose of a long stem funnel?

I use the long stem funnel to put transmission fluid into my older Jeep. You pour in the fluid where the dip stick is located. It's a located a bit deeper than most engines I've seen. Once you're done, just replace the dipstick. It's a hassle if you dont have the right funnel.

Is sugar cane long stem or short stem?

long stem

During Filteration the stem of a funnel should?

rest against the side of the receiving container. A+ ;D

What type of stem does a rose have?

it has a stem that is green and has long thorns on it. sometimes the stem is long.

Why are stemless funnels used instead of long-stem funnels to filter hot solutions?

In hot gravity filtration situations, a stemless funnel is used to prevent premature recrystallization.

Why did Peter long invent the funnel?

i did

What plants have long and weak stem?

Pumpkin is a plant that has a long weak stem.

Can you write a sentence using word 'stem'?

The flower has a long stem.

How long would oil take to go through a funnel?

Varies with size of orifice, viscosity and funnel volume.

Function of thistle funnel?

A thistle funnel has a long shaft and a wide opening. This allows a chemist to add reagents to a reaction.

How do you find the area of a leaf?

You times the long stem by the short stem

How do you find a outlier in a stem and leaf plot?

It will usually be on a stem, all by itself, a long way from the nearest stem.

What is a Buchner or filter funnel and how is it used?

A filter funnel is a funnel shaped filter that is used to separate solids from liquids. By passing the mixture of solid and liquid parts through a filter, which is either a piece of filter paper or a glass frit, the solids remain in the filter funnel and the liquid is passed into a collection flask below. A Buchner funnel is typical kind of filter funnel.See the Web Links to the left for more information about filter funnels.A funnel is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem. It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening. Without a funnel, much spillage would occur.

How long does a funnel web spider's web last?


How long can a tornado s funnel be?

The visible funnel usually extends from the clouds to the ground but the vortex can extend several miles up into the storm.

Why thistle funnel have long vertical tube?

A thistle funnel must be introduced through a stopper hole to deliver a small volume of liquid.

How long is a bouquet of a dozen roses?

Long stem roses are cut two feet long. Long stem roses come from tea roses. Short stem roses come from floribunda roses which is a cross between tea roses and polyantha.

Where do you fill the transmission fluid in a 1991 Nissan sentra?

With transmission fluid and a small spouted funnel, fill the stem with the red rubber ball cap, to the lower right of the engine. It's the same stem you check your transmission fluid level.