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What is a lump on the left side of the neck near the spine that is accompanied by involuntary cracking of the neck and a headache?

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Sounds like two different things going on... 1. lump could be a lymph node or fatty tumor... neither is anything to worry about... If the lump is at the hairline halfway between the spine and ear, there is a possibility you could have an occipital neuralgia... at the point where a nerve exits from the deep tissue of the neck at the base of the skull and palpating (pushing) the area causes shooting pains to the side of the head. This can also cause really terrible headaches to the side of the head. 2. The "crunching" symptoms are most likely degenerative joint disease (Arthritis). Arthritis can also cause neck pain. You need a series of xrays of the neck. If you are having weakness of your arms and difficulty working above your head, refer to another answer linked below.

2007-12-12 05:16:25
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Q: What is a lump on the left side of the neck near the spine that is accompanied by involuntary cracking of the neck and a headache?
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Will cracking your back hurt spine?

yes it will unless u ask someone to do it for you

Can neck strain cause a week long headache?

Yes, injury to your spine can cause or trigger headache in susceptible individuals. One example of this type of headache is called cervicogenic headache. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders, consult a board certified headache specialist.

Can cracking your neck cause death?

Yes, it can kill because it will crack the spine and the spine is the back bone of the body and if the back bone is broken then it is inevitable that the person will die

Why dies my spine crackle?

The joints in the spine are under negative pressure (suction). When the suction is broken, like when you crack your knuckles, the suction release creates a cracking sound sound.

How can pulling a muscle in your neck lead to a headache?

Your spine is atached to your neck muscles, You neck is attached to your brain. You get a migrane.

Would a back out of place cause headaches on the right side of your head?

Yes, cervicogenic headache is caused by a problem in the cervical spine. For a diagnosis, a doctor needs to be consulted. Preferably a headache specialist who is best able to diagnose, treat and manage headache disorders.

Is the Multifidus muscle a voluntary or involuntary muscle?

It is both. I involuntarily contracts to stabilize the spine just before you move to do something. Also, you are able to move it on your own.

Are there any back cracking devices?

There are numerous devices sold online, and in some stores, that a person can use to crack their back. However, they should be very careful, since back cracking is usually done by a chiropractor, and mistakes could result in a broken or damaged spine.

What causes neck headaches?

Cervicogenic headaches are by definition headaches caused by a problem in the cervical (neck) spine. That said, neck pain is a common symptom of different headache disorders and diseases including Migraine. For a diagnosis, a doctor needs to be consulted. Preferably a headache specialist who is best able to diagnose, treat and manage headache disorders.

What happens when someones back bends and there back cracks?

air is being displaced between the pockets of each vertbrae along the spine causing a popping or cracking type noise.

4 parts of the spine?

The four regions of the spine are the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, and sacrum, which includes the coccyx.

Name the part of the spine?

There are three parts of the spine. They are the Cervical (C-Spine), Thoricic (T-Spine) and Lumbar (L-Spine).

Do herniated disk cause head aches?

There are well over 100 different headache disorders and diseases. Common headaches related to herniated discs include cervicogenic headache and tension type headache. Migraine is frequently triggered when there are herniated discs in the neck or spine. Successful treatment is dependent entirely upon the correct diagnosis. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist. --------------------------------------------------- Yes, possibly, a herniated disc could cause headache depending in part on where the problem disc is located ..if you have a disc problem in your neck region it most certainly could cause a headache..or if the pain from a herniated disc elsewhere is severe, the tension that naturally occurs in your body, due to the discomfort, could be the cause of a headache. If any headache persists for longer than a day or if it is very severe , or accompanied by either a temperature or sickness or dizziness or trouble with vision, or all of these things, you should always see urgent medical help. Many different kinds of headaches can occur for different reason. Some of no consequence, some serious. The first step would be to take a pain killer, if you have been prescribed some for the herniated disc. That should help the headache as well. However always read the instructions on the pain killers and never take more than the prescribed dose as more does not mean they will kill the pain better, and could be seriously dangerous to your health. If the painkiller doesn't help, book a telephone consultation with your doctor if the headache persists, or is accompanied by any of the above mentioned symptoms. If you have not had your herniated disc diagnosed by a doctor, I would suggest that as a first course of action as there are many things he can advise to help shorten the duration of the healing process and pain, which can be quite enduring if you let it heal itself.

What is the the different freely movable joints in your spine?

The spine is made up of boney vertebra: Cervical spine, Thoracic spine, and Lumbar spine.

What are the 4 main structures that comprise the spine?

cervical spine,thoracic spine,lumbar spine and sacrum

What is a small soft lump on back of neck on the spine accompanied by general soreness in area?

If it's easily moveable, it's most likely a sebaceous cyst. If so, picking at it will cause it to become sore.

Does a scorpion have a spine?

No they do not have a spine

What part of the spine is known as the neck?

The part of the spine at the neck is known as the cervical spine. The upper back contains the thoracic spine, and the lower back is the lumbar spine.

What does the cervical spine do?

The cervical spine is just a portion of your spine. They are broken down into 3 sections. Cervical (c-spine), throacic (t-spine) and lumbar (L-spine). There are 7 vertebrae in the c-spine, 12 in the t-spine, and 5 in the L-spine. The first 2 vertebrae in the c-spine allow the head to tilt up down and side to side as well as rotate. Other than that the c-spine is just the vertebrae in your neck.

Does cracking your back give you problems?

yes well if u do it more it will not kdkjdskjsdfk,sjkdjdfjhfdjhdfjhdfjdfjhdfjhdsjhdsjhdf by 2 grader johnnny yes, because it enables your brain stem to do its job and makes your spine bad. If you are young, cracking your back may seem harmless, but when you get older and enter adulthood, you will most likely have seroius back aches and other issues.jonny not funny and you make no sence.

What does cracked a book mean?

"Cracking a book" means, basically, opening it (and then reading it, or especially studying it). The term comes from the fact that older books, especially those with leather covers, were prone to cracking the spine when opened (this still happens with modern books, but somewhat different binding techniques are used to mitigate this).

Is the trachea lateral to the spine?

No, the trachea is not lateral to the spine; it's anterior to the spine.

What causes head pain after drinking cold water?

THERE ARE MANY nerves running from your spine, up the back of your neck at the base of your skull. When something really cold is swallowed, it passes by these nerves and causes a short-term ache at the base of the skull, which feels like a headache. When some people eat ice cream quickly, they will experience this short-term "headache", many times called an "ice cream headache". To my knowledge, this is not harmful. >>

Does a hamster have a spine?

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