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"I am the most important person so remember me!"

That is the quote that makes the difference. I hope this has answered you question and if not please contact me.


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Q: What is a major conflict in Jacob have you loved?
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Who is the antagonist in Jacob Have you Loved?

How is the Antagonist in Jacob Have I Loved.

When was Jacob Have I Loved created?

Jacob Have I Loved was created in 1981.

How many pages does Jacob Have I Loved have?

Jacob Have I Loved has 263 pages.

What is the ISBN of Jacob Have I Loved?

The ISBN of the book "Jacob Have I Loved" by Katherine Paterson is 0-690-03846-0.

In the Bible Jacob loved which wife the best?

Jacob loved Rachel the best.(Genesis 29:30)  Then Jacob had relations also with Rachel, and he loved Rachel more than Leʹah, and he served him for another seven years.

Who is Jacob in Jacob have you loved?

Jacob isn't an actual character he is the person in the quote from the bible from Rebbecca Jacob and Esau's mother

Is Jacob Have you Loved a folktale or a farytale?

neither, wft? and it's spelled fairytale, not farytale. Jacob have I loved, not you, is Children's literature, Fiction, Historical novel.

Who was the son that Isacc loved in the bible?

Isaac had two sons that he loved: Jacob & Esau

Why does Jacob love Bella Swan?

he loved her from the beginning but Edward just came between them, Edward actually didn't know that Jacob loved her but yeah when he himself loved her so he wanted Jacob to stay away from her. watch twilight part 1 if you don't understand .

Animals mentioned in Jacob I have loved?

Shapeshifters and werewolves ;)

How many pages is the book Jacob have i loved?


Did Jacob Black lie to Bella Swan when he said he loved her?

he loved her. that's for sure. fortunately she loved Edward more and he loved ness more.