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What is a male mountain lion called?

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A male Mt. Lion is called a Tom.
Like a house cat, he is called a 'Tom".

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What is the name of a male lion?

A male lion is called a lion and a female is called a lioness.Lion.

What is a baby mountain lion called?

A baby lion is called a cub.

How did the mountain lion get its name?

it is called a mountain lion because it is similar to the lion its color is also same as lion and it lives on mountain it is also the king of mountain like the king of jungle lion so it is called a mountain lion.

What do you call the male and female lion?

A male lion is called a lion. A female lion is called a lioness.

What is a 'male lion'called?

A male lion is called a lion. A female lion is called a lioness.

What do you call a male mountain lion?


What is the male lion and the female lion called?

The male lion is simply the lion, as female is the lionness.A male is a lion a female is a lioness

What are male lions called?

A Male lion is simply called a lion.A Female lion is called a lioness.Lions. The females are called lioness'

What do they call a male lion?

There is no specific term for a male lion; he is simply called a lion.

What is a femae lion called what is a male lion called what is a baby lion called?

A baby is called a Cub. Look on the Internet of what a female and male lion is called Baby = cub Female = lioness Male = Lion(from the info i found on this should be right)

What is a baby lioness called?

A baby lion is called a cub, no matter the sex. A male lion is called a male lion and a full grown female lion is called a lioness.

What is a mountain bobcat called?

Mountain Lion

Can five Dobermans beat a single mountain lion?

2 or 3 European male dobermann can beat a mountain lion Against 5 dobermann the mountain lion have no chance

What is a female lion and a male tiger called?

a female lion is called a lioness and a male tiger is called a tiger

What is a female mountain lion called?

A Cougar that is if mt means mountain lion. I am guessing it does.

Is a mountain lion a cougar?

Yes. A Mountain lion is called a cougar, as well as a puma.

What is a father lion called?

A male lion is a lion. A female is a lioness.

What is the name for a male lion?

The male is called a lion while the female is a lioness.

What is a group of mountain lions called?

Since the mountain lion is a solitary animal, there is no word to describe a group of them, Unlike the lion which is a social animal and live in a group called a pride. Thus the mountain lion is not technically a lion.

How long is a mountain lion?

While a male mountain lion can reach up to eight feet in length, a female is about seven feet in length. The average weight for a male is between 130 to 150 pounds. A mountain lion can live up to 12 years in the wild.

How is a mountain lion born?

A male lion will impregnate a female lion who after gestating the fetus(') will deliver said fetus from her vagina.

What is the hair on the neck of lion called?

In the case of the male lion it is called its "mane".

Can a cheetah kill a in mountain lion?

Yes if it needs to.If a mountain lion comes in a male cheetah's territory the cheetah will kill it. A female cheetah will fight with the mountain lion in order to save it's cubs.

What do you call a lion mated with a tiger?

A male lion with a female tiger is called a liger.A male tiger and female lion is called a tigon.

What does a mountain lion weight?

Up to 175 pounds for a big male.

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