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What is a male whale?

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A male whale is called a bull

The female is a cow

and the baby whale is a calf

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What is a male whale and young whale called?

A male whale is a bull and a baby whale is called a calf

Which whale is the deepest male diver?

The deepest male whale diver is the sperm whale

What is a male whale called?

A male whale is called a bull.

What is male a whale called?

A male whale, is called a bull.

Which killer whale is longer a female or male?

male killer whale

Name of a male whale?

The name for a male whale s called a bull

What is a male or female whale called?

a female whale is a cow and male is a bull

What is a male beluga whale called?

A male Beluga Whale is called a whaler.

Which is bigger the sperm whale or the humpback whale?

The male Sperm whale at 67 feet is bigger then the male Humpback at 52 feet. So yes the Sperm whale is bigger.

What is the length of a Male Bryde's whale?

The length of a Male Bryde's whale is 599 meters and 1000 feet jk. FIND IT OUT YOURSELF BY MESUREING A WHALE!

What are the enimes and predators of a killer whale?

male sperm whale

What is the name of a male orca whale?

shamu the killer whale

What is longer a female or male killer whale?


What is masculine name for whale?

Male is a bull.Female is a cow.Young is a calf.

What is the female whale called?

The male whale is whaler while the female whale is called whalen

What is the name of a female whale?

A female whale is called a "Cow." A malewhale is referred to as a "Bull."

What is the male whale shark called?

the male shark is called a male shark

How much does male and female right whale?

A male and female right whale can mach up to twelve times a day.

What are male whales called?

A male whale is called a "Bull"

Is a gander a male or female whale?

a gander is a male goose

How much longer is the fin whale then the minke whale?

A male Minke whale runs from 26 to 31 feet.A male Fin whale runs from 78 to 88 feet.The difference is 52 to 57 feet.

What is the largest size a killer whale can get?

The largest male killer whale measured 9.7 metres

What is a male of whale called?

A bull

What rhymes with she male?

water whale

Does a blue whale need a male?

no it does not