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What is a malicious user?


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A malicious user is someone who is purposely trying to cause damage to a computer system.


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anti-virus pro is spyware and hence created by a malicious user

So you can write malicious soft ware - kidding... so you can recieve malicious software... kidding. Because the operating system controls the user interface, and basicallly all input and output is managed by the os

He had a malicious tone of voice. Their attitude was extremely malicious. I can't believe how malicious their comments were! Spam is a malicious program used for stealing information about people.

Turning off your firewall to host games, browsing the web and crossing by a malicious site.

My neighbors daughter was very malicious with the other girls. she is malicious!!!!!!!!!

No - anti-virus software guards against malicious program code being downloaded by the user. A firewall should prevent any unauthorized access by another user over the internet.

The suffix for malicious is -ous.

E-Shoplifiting is the modification of product or service pricing by a malicious user between the shopping cart website and payment processing. For instance, websites that use PayPal commonly pass the hidden field amount when the user clicks a Buy Now or Pay Now button. Instead of just clicking that button, a malicious user could save the HTML for the page to their local computer and edit the HTML to change the price before proceeding with the payment.

Search protection software is a proxy server that filters the search results and excludes any known malicious sites from the results list. This helps prevent the user from clicking on a malicious site, which can potentially download and install a virus or Trojan onto their computer.

The dog had a wild, malicious look in its eyes.

The noun form for the adjective malicious is maliciousness.

malicious means : in a purposeful manner

In law an act is malicious if done intentionally withoust just cause and excuse so long as you believe the truth of what you say and not reckless so malicious intent is a more serious charge as malicious already contains intent so malicious intent is the act of being malicious with the intent to kill as it is worded here as malice needs intent to be deemed as malicious

malicious threats or malicious programs.

Do you mean "Malicious?" Malicious means "intending harm"

The abstract noun for the adjective malicious is maliciousness.

Not necessarily, they are mostly used by websites that you frequent, so that the site recognizes you as a user when you return there.It is possible for them to be used for a malicious purpose by some people; they can be used to track a person's browsing habits.Cookies are a important part of the Internet they are needed in order to make websites look cool. Cookies can be malicious and can track your web browsing but under most circumstances there good things.

The boy could'nt do malicious things because it was not awesome .(malicious means :doing mean things for pleasure:)!!)

The word malicious is an adjective. It means to be deliberately harmful.

The man with the stoic look had malicious intent in his heart.

Adam Malicious Misery is 5' 9".

Malicious computer software that interferes with normal computer functions or sends personal data about the user to unauthorized parties over the Internet.Malwares are one type of computer viruses.

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