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A manifold leak is usually in reference to a failure of the intake manifold gasket. It can leak air, oil or coolant. It can leak to the outside of the engine or internally into the engine. A manifold leak may also refer to the Exhaust manifold that is leaking exhaust fumes from a bad gasket or a crack in the manifold.

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Q: What is a manifold leak?
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Can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil?

can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil

If your 1987 Nissan pickup is leak water from manifold what do we need to do?

if your 1987 Nissan pickup leak water from manifold what do we do

How do you repair exhaust manifold leak on a suburban?

Where is the leak coming from. Most likely you will need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket which will require removing the exhaust manifold.

Is it hard to fix a manifold leak on 351 ford engine?

is it hard to fix a manifold leak on a 351 ford engine

Can a crack in a manifold cause an oil leak?

The answer is yes. A crack in a manifold is much worse than just the oil leak. Manifold cracks are generally caused by severe overheating or improper assembly of parts. A crack in a manifold can cause oil to leak but the oil leak is inconsequential as the crack renders the engine unusable safely, without replacing the manifold. Running an engine with a cracked manifold is very bad for the rest of the engine and your own safety.

What does the code P2173 on a 2005 dodge durango 5.7L mean?

P2173 High AirFlow/ Vacuum Leak Detected (Slow Accumulation).You have a vacuum leak in the intake manifold.P2173 High AirFlow/ Vacuum Leak Detected (Slow Accumulation).You have a vacuum leak in the intake manifold.

How do you fix an exhaust leak from the manifold in a 1978 El Camino?

An exhaust leak is usually the result of a bad gasket or a cracked manifold. For a proper fix, either the gasket or both the manifold and the gasket must be replaced.

Will an intake manifold gasket leak make it smoke?

It can.

What happens with an exhaust manifold leak?

The leak can be from a cracked manifold, or from a bad gasket where it attaches directly to the engine. This leak is before the O2 sensor, so gives a false reading and may remain undetected. This is a serious issue! Exhaust leak from the manifold will allow the harmful CO2 emissions to enter the cabin. Exhaust leak will also cause decreased performance of your engine, and decreased fuel economy.

Will an oil leak on or around the manifold cause a 1989 Cadillac ElDorado 4.5 to run rough and loud when accelerating?

no...sounds like an exhaust leak could also be a crack in the manifold

Is it normal for black soot to be around exhaust manifold for a 2004 trailblazer LS?

No. This means that the manifold has an exhaust leak.

How fast would antifreeze leak from the intake manifold?

The leak would vary on the size of the hole or seal failure.

How can you find a leak in the exhaust manifold?

A leak in an exhaust manifold will be very loud. The car may also experience issues stalling or running to lean since the oxygen sensor readings will be off.

Can an intake manifold leak oil in a Chevy Venture van?


Can a furnace manifold leak?

Sure can. This is very dangerous so have it inspected.

Were would antifreeze leak from a 1997 pathfinder intake manifold it looks like its not coming from the manifold gasket?

The manifold itself could be cracked. I have a 2000 Pathfinder LE with 100k miles and a 3.3. I noticed an antifreeze leak on the right side of the top of the engine. Using a mirror, I found that under the manifold, there was a nice crack.

Will antifreeze leak from the head gasket if it is a manifod leak?

If it is leaking from a bad head gasket, it is because of a bad head gasket. If it is leaking from a bad intake manifold gasket, it is because of a bad intake manifold gasket.

What can cause squeaking noise from exhaust manifold after car has been running while?

squeeking from exhaust manifold is caused by a leak allowing exhaust gas to leak. it will only get worse as time goes on unless it is fixed

Can a manifold gasket on a V8 leak oil and look like a rear seal leak?

Sure could. Also the valve covers.

Intake manifold gasket leak?

Replace gasket why does gasket keep sliding

How do you fix a oil leak from intake manifold gasket?

By replacing the whole gasket.

Can a vacuum leak at the manifold cause the check engine light to come on?


Leak in eshaust manifold 92 Camaro?

bad gasket. needs replaced

Can your intake manifold leak anti-freeze?

On most vehicles, yes.

Can a intake manifold leak oil into radiator?

Yes, that is possible on some engines.