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What is a manifold leak?


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2005-02-16 02:27:36
2005-02-16 02:27:36

A manifold leak is usually in reference to a failure of the intake manifold gasket. It can leak air, oil or coolant. It can leak to the outside of the engine or internally into the engine. A manifold leak may also refer to the Exhaust manifold that is leaking exhaust fumes from a bad gasket or a crack in the manifold.


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can exhaust manifold leak cause you to burn oil

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if your 1987 Nissan pickup leak water from manifold what do we do

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Where is the leak coming from. Most likely you will need to replace the exhaust manifold gasket which will require removing the exhaust manifold.

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is it hard to fix a manifold leak on a 351 ford engine

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The answer is yes. A crack in a manifold is much worse than just the oil leak. Manifold cracks are generally caused by severe overheating or improper assembly of parts. A crack in a manifold can cause oil to leak but the oil leak is inconsequential as the crack renders the engine unusable safely, without replacing the manifold. Running an engine with a cracked manifold is very bad for the rest of the engine and your own safety.

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