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New-in-box at a chain called Dunham's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - $460

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What year was marlin number 983730531 produced 1894c?

The first 2 numbers in your serial number indicate that your Marlin model 1894C was made in the year 1998.

What year was your Marlin 1894C made 92018391?


I need The LONGER ejector spring for a 1894c marlin 357 older gun no safety?


What is the value of a Marlin 1894 357 lever action?

According to the No. 96 2005 Edition of the "Shooter's Bible" new value for the blued 1894C is $567.00. Hope this helps.

Can you build a Marlin 1894C 357 and 38 Special SS lever action rifle with a pistol grip stock made of polymer material?

Anything is possilbe if you have enough money, time, skills

Where can i find a hammer for a model 1894C marlin .357 magnum made in 1980 micro groove barrel?

Numrich gun parts Item #418800 D Key #28 $18.45 + shipping

What is the value of a marlin 30-30 model36a?

how much is a marlin 30-30 model 36A worth how much is a marlin 30-30 model 36A worth

How much is your marlin 30 30 336 RC rifle worth?

i have a 1898 to 1930 marlin 30/30 4 digit # what is it worth???

What is marlin model 882l worth?


What is a Marlin 1894M worth?

$650 US

What is a Marlin 49 DL 22 semiautomatic in superb condition worth?

A Marlin 49 DL 22 semiautomatic is worth $100 to $160 depending on its condition.

How much is a marlin 30-30 model 336r worth?

just want to see how much this marlin 30-30 is worth for my own info.Thank you

How much is a marlin model 36g worth?

A Marlin model 36 is worth between 175-300 dollars,depending on the overal condition,and a good bore.

How much is a marlin 100g worth?


Marlin Model 32 22 Rifle 1914 1015 Worth?

It is worth quite a bit to me. If you have one to sell contact me at: Northwest my name is: marlin 1888

What is your marlin 783 worth?

want to know how much wroth money 1893 marlin rifle 38-55

What models of marlin 94 lever-action have been produced?

There were 18 different models of the model 1894 marlin rifle.These include the model 1894,1894S,1894C carbine,1894 sporter,1894 carbine CP.1894 CL,1894P,1894FG,1894PG,1894SBL,1894SS,1894CSS,1894 cowboy,1894cowboy competition,1894 century limited,1894 octagon.

What is a Marlin 30 AS worth?

The Gun Trader's Guide gives $185 for the Marlin AS 30-30 in NRA Good condition

What is a 1975 marlin 336 worth?

100-350 USD

What is a Marlin model 56 levermatic worth in a 22?


What is a marlin 81ts worth?

Depends on condition. About $125-$150.

What is a Marlin Safety 1892 serial 77507 worth?


What is a marlin model 36g worth?

175-300 dollars.

Who made the marlin 12 ga model 200 and What is the worth?

This was manufactured by H&R 1871, which Marlin owns. (Same as N.E.F.)

What is a marlin goose gun worth?

marlin 12 gauge bolt action goose guns sell for about $200 in great condition