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What is a medical examiner?

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Medical Examiner

A medical examiner is someone who performs autopsies to determine an individual's cause of death. The difference between a medical examiner and a coroner is that medical examiners do more detailed work on bodies as coroners do not. To check out what a medical examiner does check your local listings for DR. G, Medical Examiner, on the Disovery Health Channel.

A medical examiner is a doctor with specialized training in forensics while a coroner is usually an elected position and does not require a medical background of any sorts. Coroners will outsource much of the forensic work and are more administrator than anything else.

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Hiring opportuities for medical examiner?

Hiring opportinities for medical examiner?

What do you do if you disagree with the findings a medical examiner?

get another opinion from a different medical examiner

Does El Paso community have a coroner or medical examiner?

el paso county Texas has a medical examiner system. the medical examiner is a medical doctor with a background in pathology. not an elected official such as a coroner.

Who is the chief medical examiner for NCIS?

The Chief Medical Examiner on NCIS is Dr. Donald Mallard.

What is the medical name of a medical examiner?

There is no medical name of medical examiner. They are also designated as a common name like all other people.

What school do I have to go to to become a medical examiner?

To become a medical examiner, you have to become a medical doctor. So you can go to any certified medical school.

What is the job of a medical examiner?

A medical examiner performs autopsies on the recently deceased to determine a cause of death.

What are the opportunities for advancement for a medical examiner?

the advancement fot a medical examiner is like 30% in rate because once you are a medical examiner you could possibly have a better chance of becoming sumthn greater.

What does ME the abbreviation for?

Medical examiner.

Where can you find Dr G Medical Examiner?

Dr. G Medical Examiner is currently broadcast on Discovery Fit & Health.

What is the yearly salary for a medical examiners?

depends on the level. the assistant medical examiner makes between 120,000 to 140,000. the chief medical examiner makes about 200,000

What does a medical examiner drive?


What does a medical examiner do?

Medical examiner look for three things: 1. Pulse, 2. Pupils of the eye 3. Muscles spasm

What is an assistant medical examiner salary?

Between $35k and $53K this is not true. For an assistant medical examiner the average salary is between 120,000 to 140,000. Think about it, a medical examiner is an MD and thus will make more than the average person.

Skills needed to be a medical examiner?

Medical examiners need to have skills like organization and analytically thinking. After schooling to become a medical examiner a state license is needed.

What makes more money a medical examiner or a brain surgeon?

Far and away a neurosurgeon makes more money than a medical examiner.

What sort of training is required in order for a person to work as a medical examiner?

To work as a medical examiner, one must first complete their medical degree. On qualifying as a doctor, a residency in forensic pathology will need to be undertaken. Once qualified, one may apply for work as a medical examiner.

Are a medical forensic and a medical examiner the same?

it can be but i am most likely wrong

What does the medical abbreviation CME mean?

Continuing medical education or Chief Medical Examiner

What is a ME?

As an acronym-most common, Medical Examiner

What is called specialist who does autopsies?

medical examiner

What is another name for a pathologist?

Medical Examiner

Where do medical examiner work?

Tahlia is the best! :)

What are medical examiners?

1-Medical examiners are doctors that perform autopsies to figure out how someone deceased and give the news to the families. ( This is my personal definition of a medical examiner. I love medical examinations. To learn more abut it, check out this site: 2-A medical examiner (ME) is an alternative name for coroner in the US. However, a coroner is not always a medical examiner. In order for a person to be qualified as a medical examiner, he or she must have an M.D., and be licensed as a pathologist.

How many years does a associate medical examiner go to college?

How many years of college does this take to become? A medical examiner should be a doctor, but about an assistant?

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