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What is a medical scientist?

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A medical scientist usually makes the medicines. They find a problem and then they study then solve it with medicine.

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What does a medical scientist do?

A medical scientist studies all aspects of human disorder and disease. Symptoms, causes and treatments, are things that a medical scientist is interested in exploring.

Of what benefit is computer to medical laboratory scientist?

what benefit is computer to medical laboratory scientist

What kind of scientist are there?

Answer: Enviromental SCIENTIST Research SCIENTIST Laboratory SCIENTIST Volcanologist SCIENTIST Entologist SCIENTIST Biologist SCIENTIST Geochemist SCIENTIST Geologist SCIENTIST Medical SCIENTIST

What does a medical laboratory scientist do?

A medical labortory scientist runs tests on drugs, parisites ,bacteria ,blood types and micro organisms

What kind of scientist is involved in research related to biological systems and human health?

medical scientist

What kind of scientist uses the principles of physics to perform medical research?

Medical physicist

List of medical tech degrees?

Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Technologist, Medical Laboratory Technician. See

How much money does a medical research scientist earn?

"How much money does a medical research scientist earn?" Well approxmently they earn about 82,000 dollars a year, not including and benefits.

How long does it take to become a medical scientist?

If you include undergraduate education, it takes at least 8 years to become a medical scientist. There are also internships and residency programs that are required.

What is the medical term meaning a scientist who studies AIDS?


What is the Pension plan for a medical scientist?

the syudy of or dealing with cancers?

What is a scientist that studies medicine?

An M.D. (Medical Doctor), however an epidemiologist also studies medical related 'things'.

An eponym is when a medical term is derived from the name of an important what?

Scientist or inventor.

How many years does it take to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist?


What professions use scientific notation other than scientist?


Significant Work in the Field of Health Research?

A position in the field of health research carries with it both personal and professional rewards. The occupation of medical scientist is just one of the options to consider. The work of a medical scientist can help humans to lead healthier lives. First, one of the main tasks of a medical scientist is to conduct research. For example, some medical scientists conduct research on specific diseases or viruses. In fact, the research of a medical scientist can lead to new medications and better treatments for diseases. Medical scientists generally work in a laboratory environment in a hospital or a clinic. Furthermore, some qualified medical scientists help with clinical trials involving medications. By studying the effects of a new medication, a medical scientist can determine its benefits as well as what needs to be changed. In short, the research efforts of a medical scientist can result in effective treatments for diseases. Not surprisingly, a person must be well educated to prepare for the significant work of a medical scientist. The starting point for most medical scientists is earning a Ph.D. in biological science. Many medical scientists participate in postdoctoral work in order to gain more experience in conducting research. A medical scientist can also earn a medical degree that enables him or her to conduct clinical work. In short, a person who wants to become a medical scientist must dedicate him or herself to approximately six to eight years of concentrated study depending on their educational path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the, ..median annual wages of medical scientists, except epidemiologists, were $72,590 in May 2008. Some medical scientists work independently while others are part of a team of colleagues. Furthermore, some medical scientists work on projects that are funded by grants. The need for medical research is ongoing so it seems likely that the field of health research will continue to grow. The ability to conduct careful, thorough research is necessary for the success of a medical scientist. The field of health research continues to expand and attract well-qualified individuals. Knowledgeable people who are interested in improving the health of the public should consider the occupation of medical scientist.

Scop of biology?

it helps a lot in medical field to be a doctor or a surgeon or a scientist.

What is elizabeth blackwell know for?

she is known for being the first female medical scientist

Would you consider a doctor a scientific career?

Yes a medical doctor is a scientist.

Which of the following renaissance scientist added to your medical knowledge of the human body?


Is an oncologist a scientist?

No, an oncologist is a type of medical doctor. He diagnoses and treats cancers.

Do you wish to become a scientist someday which branch of science do you wish to pursue if ever?

Yes! I have aspirations to maybe become a research scientist in the future. I am interested in studying Medicine at University so I would most want to become a Medical Scientist researching into medical conditions and how to best treat them. Hope this helps!

What kind of scientist is Mae Jemison?

She is a space scientist with a degree in chemical engineering and African studies. She went on to become a medical doctor and a NASA astronaut.

What Greek scientist wrote the medical oath that doctors still take today?


Is a nurse a type of scientist?

No. A nurse is a medical professional. They do not conduct experiments so they are not scientists.