What is a megapixel on a camera?

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A megapixel is one million pixels. A pixel is a picture element. Like graphics displayed on a television or computer monitor, digital photos are made from millions of tiny colored dots, or pixels. The more pixels used to produce a photo, the less "grainy" it will appear and the better any enlargements made from it will be.

A 6-megapixel camera can produce standard 4 x 6 photos at a remarkable 500 pixels per inch and 8 x 10 photos at 273 ppi.

A megapixel (MP) is 1 million pixels, and is a term used not only for the number of pixels in an image, but also to express the number of image sensor elements of digital cameras or the number of display elements of digital displays.

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Q: What is a megapixel on a camera?
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It will depend on the megapixels... 5 Megapixel Camera = 1595 Pictures 6 Megapixel Camera = 1471 Pictures 7 Megapixel Camera = 1314 Pictures 8 Megapixel Camera = 1164 Pictures 10 Megapixel Camera = 887 Pictures

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a 12.4 megapixel camera is very good because it takes pictures

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The KS360 has a two-megapixel camera.

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depends what megapixel camera you get. thankyou.

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* 2 megapixel camera = 0.9MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/0.9MB = 1137 Pictures* 3 megapixel camera = 1.2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/1.2MB = 853 Pictures* 4 megapixel camera = 2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2MB = 512 Pictures* 5 megapixel camera = 2.5MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2.5MB = 410 Pictures* 6 megapixel camera = 3.2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/3.2MB = 320 Pictures* 7 megapixel camera = 3.7MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/3.7MB = 277 Pictures* 8 megapixel camera = 4.2MB1GB = 1024MB1024MB/4.2MB = 244 Pictures

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Which digital camera has the highest megapixels?

Hasselblad has the highest megapixel camera on the market. With a megapixel of 39, it is at the top of it's class!

Does Kodak have any 20 megapixel cameras?

Currently, the highest megapixel camera that you can get from Kodak is a 14 megapixel camera. With 14 mp you can assure great quality and functionality from Kodak.

What is the difference of a 3.0 megapixel camera and a 2.0 megapixel camera?

Compared to a 2 MP camera, a 3 MP camera has roughly 50% more available detail in comparable images.

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