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In general, you will sign up for Direct Deposit from your employer.

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Q: What is a method by which your pay is sent electronically to your bank account?
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What is sent by the bank regularly?

If you have an account in the bank then you generally wil receive interest for any money you have that is in the account. That is what is sent from a bank regularly.

What is sent to you by the bank every month?

An account statement.

How can you get money that was in a savings account with Franklin national bank?

Call the bank and request a check be sent out

I opened a checking account with money I earned from my employer. the bank cosed my account. they sent me no explanation. What is going on?

You'll need to go to the bank and ask them.

Is sent by the bank regularly listing checks and deposits processed by the bank as well as charges and credits to an account?

That would be a Bank Statement

Where can I get a payday loan which is sent direct to my bank account?

One of the direct payday loans companies which offers the service of the money being sent directly to your bank account is called Highland Loans. Another is Ace Cash Express.

What is a personal letter sent electronically online?

An email.

A message sent electronically using network?


Will your bank account get frozen if you owe IRS?

They can send a tax levy to financial intuition. Any money you have in the account will be sent to the IRS

How can to get proof of a bank account closure?

Usually banks will give you a letter after you get your bank account closed. This letter can be a paper letter sent out to your home address or an email. Eitherways banks send out a confirmation that your account was closed

An angry or rude message sent electronically is called what?


What do you call mail that is sent electronically through Internet?


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