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What is a model 12 16ga imp cyl?


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model 12 = gun manufacturer model

16ga = 16 gauge shotgun

imp cyl = improved cylinder


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you have an Older Ithaca Model 37 made in 1940 . depend on Guage is it 12 ga or 16ga? also depends on the condition of the gun it could be anywhere from $100 to $500 . it could even be worth more if it a 16ga they didn't make to many 16ga shotguns back then

introduced 1914 1915 last number produced 109515 $250-$750

This means there is no "choke" or narrowing of the barrel at the muzzle.

If the gun is in good shape a good price is about $150.00

Cylinder Bore meaning the barrels are not choked (narrowed at the muzzle).

If you have a Winchester Model 12 16 gauge shotgun, the value depends on which of the seven grades of gun you have and the condition of the gun. For a standard model, the range is: Exc VG Good Fair Poor 675 400 300 250 200

The collector value of your Model 12 can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation. Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition and factory originality are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.

The Imp Abroad - 1914 was released on: USA: 12 January 1914

4 cyl 10 quarts 6 cyl 12 quarts

6/8 Cyl 2wd 14/20 6 Cyl 4wd 14/19 8 Cyl 4wd 12/17

6 cyl ------------------------> 4* btdc 8 cyl 2brl-------------------> 8* btdc 8 cyl 4brl -----------------> 12* btdc Straight out of my 71 pontiac factory service manual

Your Winchester Model 12 was manufactured in 1929. The gauge will be in the approximate area of where it says Model 1912, listed as 12ga., 20ga., 16ga., etc. The choke of the gun will be there also. FULL. MOD. etc. The most common configuration would be a Winchester Model 1912...12ga....FULL choke. If still in doubt...find your local gun shop and let them look at it.

Your winchester model 12 pump shotgun was made by winchester in 1955.these shotguns are currently valued at between 250-425 dollars for a standard model with no cutts compensator and a good bore,in 12ga.If you have a 16ga then add 50 dollars to the above listed price.If you have a 20ga then add 200 dollars to the above listed price.These values assume you have between 60%-90% original finish on your shotgun.

No, I ran the possibilities in a visual map and tried alot of combination but it was not possible

Since Winchester made only 2 double barrel guns, the Model 21 and the Model 24, yours is one or the other. If you look carefully, you will see the model number. Because it has auto ejectors, it seems reasonable that you may in fact have a model 21. If so, it is very valuable. A beat-up, abused 21 that still shoots is worth at least $3000. One that is in good condition will bring more than $6000 in 12 ga., double that in 20 ga., and up to $25000 in 410.

If you have a 500, and it is a 12 gauge, it is a 500A. The "A" designates it as a 12ga. A 500B is a 16ga, a C is a 20ga, and an E is a .410.

your model 12 Winchester shotgun was made in 1938.

the age of a model 12 shotgun can be determined by the serial number.

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