What is a modern day Pharisee?

See the Related Link for "Modern Day Pharisees" to the bottom for the answer. Someone that attends church every time the doors are open,yet doesn't put what is taught into practice. they may know the Bible front to back, and back to front, but not really get the meaning of it all. They look at others, and wonder why they don't know as much as they do about God.Their hearts are not in it, although their actions are doing all the right things, so they think. Jesus said they were clean on the outside, but dirty on the inside. ==new answer== The modern day pharisee looks only to keeping to the letter of the law rather than looking to understand how and why it works, just like in the days of Jesus. Jesus represents the knowing quality in each of us. My real education did not begin until I said seriously to myself, "I will know". Only then, did I connect with the people who had the information I needed.