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The White Mountains.

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Q: What is a mountain range in New Hampshire?
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What is the mountain range in New Hampshire called?

The Appalachian mountain range. In New Hampshire, the Appalachian Mountains are called White mountains.

Mountain range in New Hampshire?


What is Mountain Range in New Hampshire?

The white mountains

What large mountain range is in New Hampshire?

The White Mountains.

Are the Appalachian Mountains in New Hampshire?

The White Mountains are in New Hampshire. They are part of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

What is the Southern mountain range in New Hampshire?

The Wapack Range. Spreading from southern New Hampshire and into Northern Massachusetts. Its tallest mountain- Pack Monadnock- is only about 2500 feet tall.

What is the symbol for New Hampshire?

The Old Man of the Mountain on Cannon Mountain in the White Mountain Range which collapsed on 3 May 2003.

What mountain range stretches from northern New Hampshire through northern Maine?

The White Mountains

What mountain range is running through the New England colonies?

The Appalachian mountain range - which include the Longfellow Mountains in Maine, the White Mountains in New Hampshire, the Green Mountains in Vermont and the Berkshires in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

What is the major mountain in New Hampshire?

You are probably thinking of Mt. Washington. It is the tallest mountain in New Hampshire and is part of the White Mountains.

Where is the Old Man Of The Mountain?

New Hampshire

Are there mountain lions in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?


What is the oldest ski mountain in New Hampshire?


What mountain ranges were in colonial New Hampshire?

The White Mountains cover at least 1/4 of New Hampshire.

Which mountain range runs from Montana to New Mexico?

Rocky Mountain Range

Biggest mountain in New Hampshire?

Mount Washington. 6288'

What is the highest mountain in the northeast?

Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

What state is known as the White Mountain State?

New Hampshire is known as the "White Mountain State"

Where is Crotched Mountain located?

The Crotched Mountain is located in New Hampshire. The address is 615 Francestown Rd, bennington New Hampshire. You can call them for more information at 603-588-3668.

What state is the white mountains located?

The White Mountains is a mountain range. Its location is partly in New Hampshire and a small portion on the western Maine in the United States.

What is the name of new Hampshire's green mountain?

hey what answer new hampshirs green mounntain

Landmarks in New Hampshire?

juth crew in DCon Man in the Mountain

What was the famous rock formation in New Hampshire?

The Old Man of the Mountain.

Famous rock formation in New Hampshire?

The Old Man of the Mountain.

Highest mountain in New Hampshire?

Mount Washington (6,288 ft.)