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In physical science, a electronic device may be a device that selects one in every of many analog or digital input signals and forwards the chosen input into one line. A electronic device of 2 or N number inputs has n choose lines, that ar wont to choose that input line to send to the output. Multiplexers ar principally wont to increase quantity of knowledge that may be sent over the network among an explicit amount of your time and information measure.

In fiber optic networking, a multiplexer contains many types such as CWDM multiplexer, DWDM multiplexer and Video multiplexer / Audio multiplexer / Data multiplexer, etc.. (all these multiplexers can be found in FiberStore with pictures)

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Q: What is a multiplexer?
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What are role of multiplexer?

opposite of de-multiplexer

What advantage does a statistical multiplexer have over a TDM multiplexer or an FDM multiplexer?

Statistical multiplexer does not reserve time slots or frequencies. Instead, it dynamically allocates bandwidth only when it is needed.

What are the differences between electronic multiplexer and mechanical multiplexer?

An electronics multiplexer will select an output by a digital code. a mechanical multiplexer will select an out by a mechanical switch of sort possibly driven by a motor

What is VHDL code for 8 1 multiplexer using 2 1 multiplexer?

Personally describing VHDL code for multiplexer can be quite difficult without prior knowledge. It takes many VHDLs to be a multiplexer.

How do you make 64x1 multiplexer circuit using 16x1 multiplexer?


What does a multiplexer look like?

Physically a multiplexer usually looks like a box of some sort. More important is what is inside. The inside of a multiplexer contains a switch or switches, a power supply, and the electronic circuits to manage the system. One link is to informative datasheets for a couple of multiplexer Integrated Circuits from which much can be learned about multiplexer characteristics. There are many, many more kinds of multiplexer ICs.

How do you make 24x1 multiplexer circuit using 8x1 multiplexer?

24-to1mux circuit

How many 2 input multiplexer required to implement a 210 input multiplexer?


What is strobe input in multiplexer?

It is the enable line. Used to enable the multiplexer to function. For low enable multiplexers, strobe is set to 0 to enable the multiplexer whereas in high enable multiplexers, it is set 1 to enable the multiplexer.

How many 2 input multiplexer required for a 210 input multiplexer?

15 2 bit multiplexers

What is multiplexer memory?

Multiplexing is a method that allows multiple signals or data streams to be combined on a single signal. The multiplexer memory, therefore, is the ability for the multiplexer to remember the data as it was supposed to be, and where it was needing to go.

What is function of multiplexer?

A multiplexer is used to combine multiple data streams into a single data stream.A multiplexer is used to combine multiple data streams into a single data stream.A multiplexer is used to combine multiple data streams into a single data stream.A multiplexer is used to combine multiple data streams into a single data stream.

What is the use of a demultiplexer?

A: Multiplexer sends gabs of information on one line the multiplexer decodes what is designed to select from the data

What does the term multiplexers mean?

Multiplexer is an electronic term. A multiplexer combines input from several sources into one. Individuals familiar with electronic devices, how they work and how to configure them will know which multiplexer to use for which device and under what circumstances.

How do you design an 16-to-1 multiplexer using a 4-to-1 multiplexer?

Theoretically you use five 4-to-1 multiplexers. You use four of them to connect the 16 inputs. You then have four outputs. Take the fifth multiplexer and connect the four outputs as the inputs. The fifth multiplexer then has a single output that has multiplexed the original 16 inputs.

What is multiplexer tree in digital circuit?

Which has more number of input, It can be obtained by cascading two or more multiplexer with less nunber of inputs.

Applications of multiplexer?

used in telecommunication

What is the brains of a multiplexer?

common card

Which can be used as a data selector?


What is a multiplexer and a demultiplexer?

A multiplexer takes many inputs and and selectively allow one output. A demultiiplexer is just the opposite function

What did a multiplexer do?

The multiplexer collected data from the terminal and sent it to the distant end, with the address of the receiving terminal minimizing idle times between transactions

What is the difference between a modem and multiplexer?

MODEM or modulation and demodulation perform that function a multiplexer is used to select and service any modem on line

How do you construct half adder using 2 1 multiplexer?

Use the multiplexer to choose the correct output based on the inputs (use the truth table).

What is multiplexer?

A multiplexer is an electronic device that sends several analog or digital input signals into one single line. This electronic is typically used in telecommunications.

What is a demultiplexer?

See answer to "What is a multiplexer" as they are reciprocal functions.