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What is a muscle that is voluntary and straited?

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A voluntary muscle is a muscle that work according to a person's will.Striated muscles are the muscles which have striations or the meshwork of fibres.skeletal muscles are both voluntary and striated muscles.

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Q: What is a muscle that is voluntary and straited?
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What is straited muscle?

straited muscle are another form of skeletal muscle.

Which muscles have striated muscle fibers?

The voluntary muscles show straited muscle fibres. Examples of voluntary muscles include those of hands, legs, eyes, mouth, face, etc.

What is the structure and composition of meat?

the structure of animals, which converts to meat is straited or voluntary muscle and consists of long cylindrical cells and muscle fibres. These are parallel to each other.

What does straited muscle do?


Major muscle groups?

Straited Muscle or Skeletal Muscle

What is a straited muscle?

Striated muscle is also known as skeletal muscle.

Is the cremaster muscle a skeletal or smooth muscle?

Skeletal muscle, straited

What is each skeletal muscle cell known as?

straited muscle

Which muscles are straited?

cardiac & skeletal muscle

Which type of muscle is referred to as straited?


Which type of muscles is not straited?

Smooth muscle is not striated.

What is another name for a voluntary muscle?

Voluntary muscle is skeletal muscle.

What is a voluntary muscle?

Voluntary muscle is the one we can control. For example, the skeletal muscle.

Do you find smooth muscles?

you find smooth muscles inside the internal organs, it is voluntary and it's not straited.

What is an example of a voluntary muscle?

The biceps is an example of a voluntary muscle.

Is smooth muscle voluntary or involuntary?

A smooth muscle is voluntary

Is the soleus muscle a voluntary or involuntary muscle?

voluntary, you control what it does.

Which muscle type is voluntary in action?

The skeletal muscle is the only type of muscle which is voluntary.

Is the neck a voluntary or involuntary muscle?

neck muscle is voluntary muscle i think this is correct

Is cardiac muscle smooth or straited?

Striated, this helps with the pumping action of the heart.

Are skeletal muscle tissues in voluntary or voluntary?


Is lifting a involuntary muscle or a voluntary muscle?

voluntary because you can control it

Would you characterize skeletal muscle as voluntary or involuntary muscle?


Is the smooth muscle voluntary or involuntary?

yes the smooth muscle is voluntary.

Is the skeletal muscle voluntary or in voluntary?

Skeletal muscle tissue is voluntary. Cardiac muscle tissue is involuntary. (We don't have to direct our heart to beat, thus it is involuntary muscle.)