What is a name?

Your Name

Along with other details, it is a label that uniquely identifies a person, and is usually given to an individual by their parents.

Your name is the word or words people call you to by to initiate they are talking to you. For instance, if my name was Tree, someone might say "Tree! Are you coming to the game tonight?" This would show that the person was talking to me, and this speech wasn't meant for anyone to hear. She was talking directly to me, I know this because she called my name. But lets say that my friend was also named Tree. So in that case, it would be very confusing to understand who she was talking to. She would have to clarify. That's why many people come up with nicknames.
As for what your name is, I don't know. However, since it is your identity, bear it with pride.

Others said...

A name is a cloak of letters thrown upon a man.
A name is a tag, a personal label you give someone or something. For example, Callum is a name.