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What is a name for a variable used for storing true false statements?


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Usually, the name of the variable can be most anything. This type of variable is called a LOGICAL variable.

Which of the following statements are true? 1. At least one of these ten statements is false. 2. At least two of these ten statements are false. 3. At least three of these ten statements are false. 4. At least four of these ten statements are false. 5. At least five of these ten statements are false. 6. At least six of these ten statements are false. 7. At least seven of these ten statements are false. 8. At least eight of these ten statements are false. 9. At least nine of these ten statements are false. 10. At least ten of these ten statements are false.

Decision statements are statements that are used for taking logical decisions. They contain a condition whose output is a boolean true or false. Ex: if (name.equals("Rock")) { System.out.println("Hi Rocky!!!"); } The output of the if condition will depend on the value that the variable name holds. This is a decision statement

displaying a variable in php using echo statement? <?php $name="ram"; //declaring and defining the variable echo "$name"; //printing the variable using echo command ?>

ordanry variable store one value at a time. arrays are used for storing more than one value at a time in a single variable name ordanry variable doesnt have subscript. array must have subscript syntax for ord. variable Datatype v1,v2...... syntax for array variable Datatype v1[n1],v2[n2].....

the name for x variable is indepent name for y variable is depent

Another name for responding variable is dependent variable.

There is no specific name since a variable which is an independent variable in one study can be the dependent variable in another.

a catergoric variable is a variable that has a name and can be labled

They are called statements. They have no other special name. A group of statements are called "Block statements".

Another name for a dependent variable is also known as a responding variable

That is called a VARIABLE. If several related items of information are stored, and assigned only a single name, it may also be an ARRAY, or some other structures such as RECORDS, OBJECTS, LISTS, etc.

It is called the dependent variable because it depends on the independent variable

No, the name of the variable is its identifier.

A variable has different aspects, such as: name, type, value (inital and current), location, scope... The name of a variable is an identifier.

Independent, it is in the name, more variables are: dependant variable- the one you keep the same control variable- mearsuring variable

variable which is used to specify the values and also we can that values through the variable name

the variable on the x axis is called the independent variable. the y axis is called the dependant variable

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