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Remember that any substance that you use, even "natural" is similar to a drug, it is just not called that. Answer

I believe you can cure a vaginal yeast infection by applying natural yogurt to your vagina. I read this is a magazine a while back and my Grandmother tried it and it did help but it didn't completely cure the yeast infection. Personally, if you keep getting recurring yeast infections then see your doctor. Your partner may also be re-infecting you, so both of you should be checked.

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Q: What is a natural way to cure a yeast infection?
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Can yogurt cure yeast infections?

Yogurt is a great way to cure yeast infection. a great place to learn more would be yeast infection away. Source:

Can a man use Monistat 7 to cure a penial yeast infection?

Yes. It's the best way to cure it.

How can you cure a male yeast infection?

The same way a female one is cured...using anti-fungals such as Clotrimazole.

Can you get yeast infection from working out?

No. Yeast infections come from bacteria that spread in the area of your yeast infection. So generally, the way people exercise cannot possible lead a woman to get a yeast infection.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a yeast infection?

Go to a doctor

Is sucking a viginal dangerous?

If the woman has a sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes or AIDS, it is possible to catch it from her that way. Other infections, such as a yeast infection, can be transmitted this way. A yeast infection of the mouth is called "thrush" and is pretty gross, but curable. Some other conditions, however, like herpes and AIDS, do not have a cure. So exercise caution!

Can ciprofloxacin cause a yeast infection?

Yes it can cause a yeast infection. The best way to try to prevent it from happening is to eat yogurt a few hours afters taking it.

Is there a way to tell if a romantic partner has a yeast infection?

Most of the symptoms of a yeast infection will only be noticed by the woman. These symptoms include itching, burning, soreness, and possibly a discharge.

Can yeast infections be signs of AIDS?

I don't think so... but you should go to a doctor any way to treat the yeast infection.

How do you treat oral yeast infection?

Basiclly the same way you'd treat thrust

Can you be pregnant if you have yeast infection?

A yeast infection is not a symptom of pregnancy but is something some women experience, pregnant or not. If you've had sex you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the best way to determine if you are pregnant.

How do you you get a yeast infection?

A vaginal yeast infection can be caused by many things, including tight jeans or other non-breathable clothing and underwear because these conditions create a warm moist environment that the yeast thrive in. In general, a yeast infection occurs when your system is out of balance and it can be easily cured by fuyan pill. The balance that exists between the good bacteria and yeast, both necessary in your system, can be tipped either way, causing problems. Too much sugar in the diet and a weakened immune system, as well as a natural tendency towards yeast growth can all contribute to the problem.

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