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A naturalist is a person who studies or is an expert in natural history, esp. a zoologist or botanist.

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Q: What is a naturalist?
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What part of speech is naturalist?

"Naturalist" is a noun.

What is the opposite of a naturalist?

The opposite of a naturalist would be a creationist.

What are the differences between Naturalist and Humanist philosophers?

humanist and naturalist

What is a sentence using the word naturalist?

My dad's friend is a naturalist

What is a antonym for naturalist?

An antonym for the word naturalist would be nonrepresentational. A naturalist is a person who studies plants and animals in their natural surroundings.

What do naturalist do?

A naturalist studies a part of animals such as reptiles ,birds or fish.

What does a naturalist study?

a naturalist study's the environment, wildlife nature and ect.

When did Naturalist drama flourish?

In naturalist societies (aka. naturist societies).

How many pages does Death of a Naturalist have?

Death of a Naturalist has 58 pages.

Put naturalist in a sentence?

This is someone who is well versed in the study of nature. Here are some sentences.I worked as a naturalist at the state park.The naturalist lead the ecotourism group through the marsh.He's studying to be a naturalist.

When was The Western Australian Naturalist created?

The Western Australian Naturalist was created in 1939.

When was The Naturalist on the River Amazons created?

The Naturalist on the River Amazons was created in 1863.

What would a naturalist say in a paper to another naturalist?

Hello, I agree with your points of view. We are both naturalists and as such, we both believe in the typical views of a naturalist.

What is a a naturalist?

A naturalist is someone who studies nature and it's habitants. E.g. An oceanologist is considered a naturalist, because the ocean and it's animals are considered part of nature

How do you use the word naturalist in a sentence?

He also works as a naturalist on expedition cruises to the poles.

What is the ISBN of Death of a Naturalist?

The ISBN of Death of a Naturalist is 0-571-06665-8.

What is an naturalist?

a naturalist is a person who is naturally good at something, so if someone calls you that ,its a complement!!! Chelsey.T

When was George Perry - naturalist - born?

George Perry - naturalist - was born in 1771.

When did William Bowles - naturalist - die?

William Bowles - naturalist - died in 1780.

When was William Bowles - naturalist - born?

William Bowles - naturalist - was born in 1705.

When was John Ellis - naturalist - born?

John Ellis - naturalist - was born in 1710.

When did John Ellis - naturalist - die?

John Ellis - naturalist - died in 1776.

When did Andrew Graham - naturalist - die?

Andrew Graham - naturalist - died in 1815.

When did John Livingston - naturalist - die?

John Livingston - naturalist - died in 2006.

When was John Livingston - naturalist - born?

John Livingston - naturalist - was born in 1923.