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A neutralization reaction is a reaction between and acid and a base forming a salt. Usually water is formed too, but not always. Arrhenius acids and bases always produce water, but acid-alkai reaction produce water and a metal salt.

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What are the six types of chemical reaction?

six types of reaction are there:-combination reactiondecomposition reactiondisplacement reactiondouble displacement reactionexothermic reactionendothermic reaction

What is the nickname of Newton's third law?

"Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction"."Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction"."Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction"."Action and reaction", or "For every action there is a reaction".

What is the difference between normal reaction and abnormal reaction?

Normal reaction happens when the reaction is normal. Abnormal reaction happens when the reaction is abnormal.

Is decomposition reaction a chemical reaction?

yes a decomposition reaction is a chemical reaction.

What do you mean by redox reaction?

oxidation reaction + reduction reaction = redox reaction!

How does the reaction temperature affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

in an exothermic reaction if the temperature is introduced the reaction will reduce and in an endothermic reaction if temprature is introduced the reaction will increase

If you have a forward reaction and reverse reaction occurring together what type of reaction is that?

reversible reaction

What type of reaction is a combustion reaction?

An Oxidation Reaction.It may also be a redox reaction.

What are types of isolation?

Answer a.speed of the reaction. b.products of the reaction. c.pH of the reaction. d.temperature of the reaction

When energy is absorbed during a chemical reaction the reaction is classified as what reaction?

endothermic reaction

What is the reaction of magnesium sulphate and zinc?

There is no reaction There is no reaction

A what reaction is the opposite of a synthesis reaction?

decomposition reaction

What is a reaction that produces heat?

An exothermic reaction is a type of reaction that gives off heat. The opposite of an exothermic reaction is an endothermic reaction.

What are types of chemical reaction?

1 combination reaction. 2. displacement reaction. 3.decomposition reaction. 4.displacement reaction.

What are nucleophilic reaction?

A reaction in which a negative ion (nucleophile) attacks on a partially positive carbon atom then reaction is known as nucleophilic reaction, it may be substitution reaction or addition reaction.

What is a sentence with the word reaction?

The chemical reaction was pretty violent.He had a bad reaction to the peanuts.The road conditions influence your reaction times.He waited for her reaction.

How does a condensation reaction reaction differ from a hydrolysis reaction?

A condensation reaction produces water, while a hydrolysis reaction uses water as a reactant.

What chemical reaction build polysaccharides?

The chemical reaction to build a polysaccharide is condensation reaction (aka dehydration reaction). In this reaction, water is lost.

Electrolysis is what type of reaction?

chemical reaction chemical reaction

Is the forward reaction a condensation reaction or hydrolysis?

condensation reaction

Which of the following reaction is a redox reaction?

a reduction and oxidation reaction

What is endothermic reaction heat reaction?

it is heat absorbing reaction..

Another name for a composition reaction is a reaction?

Formation reaction.

What type fo reaction is a vilsmeier reaction?

It is a formylation reaction.

What is a reaction paper?

a reaction paper is your reaction about the current selection

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