What is a nine letter word for pellet of ice?

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Hailstone? I'm not sure.
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What is another name for ice pellets?

Answer \n. \nIce pellets are commonly referred to as sleet.\n. \nHail is similar, but is larger (5mm or more) and is formed from small pieces of ice. Ice pellets and Hail have different meteorological designations.

What is a pellet gun?

A gun that shoots pellets. The Pellets are driven by air or Co2 not gunpowder. Pellet guns have 4 different powerplants. 1. C02 2. Spring or gas piston 3. Pump 4. PCP (PreCharged Pneumatic) These require a scuba tank or hand pump to charge them to 2000 to 3000 PSI.

What are bird pellets?

Answer . \nIf you want to be fancy, avian feces. but in more simple terms, it's bird poop.

What are owl pellets?

"Owl pellets" (which can be 2 or 3 cm in diameter) are undigested fur, bones and or feathers that are coughed up out of the mouth of the owl after it feeds.

What is a Pellet Burners?

There are a couple of possibilities of what this could be. I would most likely says a pellet burner is a pellet stove. It is a heater used to heat your house, garage or basement and it burns wood pellets. Wood pellets look like rabbit food and are made from waste saw dust that is either ground ( Full Answer )

What is a pellet?

A pellet has two definitions: 1: The droppings from an Owl or other bird. 2: The lead projectile shot from an Air Gun or Air Rifle. Usually the same diameter as a BB but longer. It can also be the 6MM plastic BB shot from Air Soft Guns It is a small rounded mass like a piece of food or kibble. It i ( Full Answer )

What type of precipitation consists of pellets of ice?

There are three precipitation forms that are collections of ice. 1) In the US, frozen ice pellets are called sleet . This consists of melted snowflakes that are refrozen and fall as small pellets of ice, rather than freezing rain (glaze). 2) The form graupel or "soft hail" consists of ice that ( Full Answer )

Ice nine kills?

Ice Nine Kill is a popular screamo band from Boston MA. Their music can be found here www.myspace.com/iceninekills

What are in rabbit pellets?

Mostly ground hay and vitamins, but if you look at most petshop-sold pellets you will also see corn, sunflower seeds, baked treats from wheat flour and ground veggies and other industry-modified ingredients. Always consult the ingredient list on packages to make sure there is not too much added comp ( Full Answer )

What is a dental 'pellet'?

There are three things it can be. They call them all "pellets"because they're shaped like pellets. The first is the one is alittle piece of antibiotic (e.g., Arestin) that your dentistinserts into the gum pocket. It is used to treat periodontaldisease. Second are cotton pellets. They're the cylinder ( Full Answer )

Ice cream with the letter e?

Everything But The...® A Collision of Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with HEATH® Bar Chunks, White Chocolatey Chunks, Peanut Butter Cups & Chocolatey-Covered Almonds

What is a owl pellet?

It is what an owl coughs up that contains the fur and bones of what they have eaten.

What are own pellets?

insted of own pellets change the question to owl pellets this will have more answers in google it is propaly a typo err.

Supernatant and pellet?

Supernatant is the clear fluid above a precipitate or sediment.Pellet is a small rounded object, ball, or spherical body.

What is is an owl pellet?

An owl pellet is an owl's regurgitation. It has the bones and fur of the animals it ate in it, because owls cannot digest bones or fur.

What is the word for pellets of ice?

Ice pellets are also known as graupel, or soft hail. In the world outside the US, sleet is rain and snow mixed, not ice pellets. As a matter of interest, the international weather code for hail is GR (from graupel), although the actual phenomenon (graupel) has the code GS. Graupel is in effect rim ( Full Answer )

Who are Ice Nine Kills?

Ice Nine Kills, known before a simply Ice Nine, is a 5 piece Screamo/Hardcore band from Boston, Mass. -Seaton Trauma.Killz

What are rabbit pellets?

The phrase "rabbit pellet" is used for two things: food, and the rabbit's excretion (feces - what comes out). Rabbit pellets (food) are a compact food supplement: processed and dried ingredients that are shaped and hardened into a small pellet. Sometimes it's called "kibble" or "feed." Rabbit Diet ( Full Answer )

Where do you get owl pellets from?

Teachers can buy them as classroom supplies for dissecting purposes. I think probably from a catalog. But you can find them under trees where owls roost (nest). But be careful, they can be full of harmful germs. I wouldn't suggest touching them. Just try to find out if your school is going to dissec ( Full Answer )

What are some words that begin and words that end with the letters ice?

Some words that begin with the letters ice: iceberg. iceboat. icebound. icebox. icebreaker. icecap. icecream. icefall. icehouse. icelander. icelandic. iceman. icepick. icetray. And, some words that end with the letters ice: accomplice. advice. allspice. apprentice. armistice. artifice. au ( Full Answer )

Where can you by pellets?

Pellets can be purchased from most any sportinggoods store or on the web from Cabelas, Bassproshop, Pyramydair, AirgunsofArizona or Dickssportinggoods.

The words to the song ice ice baby?

Ice Ice Baby lyrics Yo, VIP Let's kick it Ice, Ice, baby Ice, Ice, baby All right stop, collaborate, and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Flow like a harpoon, daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know Turn off t ( Full Answer )

What are some words ending in -ic?

Some words ending in -ic are: . Topic . Hectic . Hydrophobic . Analytic . Cynic . Diplomatic . Energetic . Exotic . Gymnastic . Horrific . Idyllic . Medic . Orthodontic . Plastic . Semantic . Syllabic

What is the Latin word for fire and ice?

"Fire and ice" in Latin is Ignis et glacies . Or, since these two make a conceptual pair, perhaps the enclitic form of "and" would be better: Ignis Glaciesque .

What are predator pellets for pellet guns?

These are excellent pellets for hunting. They expand when they hit the target. It's like the old saying "Small hole going in, Large hole coming out."

What is a uranium pellet?

You are orobably thinking of the small cylinders which make up the fuel rods. These are 10mm diameter and about 10mm long, and are packed end to end inside the zircaloy sheath to make a fuel rod. The material is uranium dioxide with the uranium enriched to about 5% U-235.

Why do pellets digest?

Well Pellets don't digest. They are the remains of what an owl cannot swallow. It is regurgitated with bones and fur of their prey.

What words end with suffix -ic?

acidic . authentic . algebraic . apostolic . atheistic . athletic . arthritic . anatomic . allegoric . analytic . aristocratic . atomic . anorexic . aerobic . anaerobic . artistic . anarchic . anechoic . barbaric . balletic . ballistic . caustic . caloric . characteristic . c ( Full Answer )

What is a word that ends with ic?

Arsenic, turmeric, panic, frolic, mimic, medic,... there are many, many more words that end with ic.

When was the pellet invented?

Everyone thinks that Daisy invented the BB gun in the late 1800's, but this is not so: The credit goes to Bartholomaus Girandoni of Vienna. He developed the air rifle for the Austrian army about 1780. Around 1500 were produced and were used until 1801. The bore was 11.75 mm. The butt of the rifle wa ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with pellet?

There is no one word that rhymes perfectly with "pellet", but you can create the rhyme with two words: for example, "tell it" or "sell it," since the -et ending in "pellet" is generally pronounced like an "it." It's not exact, but it sounds close enough to work.

What is a pba pellet?

PBA Performance Ballistic Alloy. Gamo came out with these pellets. They are fast, BUT not accurate. They are coated and lightweight that is why they are fast. However because they are lightweight a mild crosswind will cause them to go off target. You will never find them in competition shooting. In ( Full Answer )

What are pellets of ice called?

In the US, cold weather ice pellets are called sleet (frozen rain), or more rarely graupel , which consists of ice crystals that collect on snowflakes. Warm weather ice is hail , in which layers of ice build up on a nucleus as the ice is lifted aloft in thunderstorms.

Where is the pellet clip?

A pellet clip is the same as a bullet clip except for pellets. It fits in the breech of a pistol or rifle and holds the pellets that are waiting to be fired. Some clips are in the handle of the pistol.

What is the heaviest pellet for a pellet gun?

It all depends on the bore size, and if you really mean GUN as in "gun or rifle." The larges Pellet bore is 50 caliber and that would be a Air Venturi .50 Cal, 275 Grains, Solid Core, Soft Lead, Round Nose pellet. If it's just a pistol it would be a .22 caliber pellet and that would most likely be a ( Full Answer )

What words has the letters starting with ic?

Words that start with the letters 'ic' are: . ice . iceberg . iceboat . icebound . icebox . icebreaker . icecap . iceman . ichthyology . icicle . icing . icky . icon . iconoclast . iconography . icy