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What is a nitany lion?

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An older man who likes young boys

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What is a male lion?

A male lion is a lion. A female lion is a lioness.

What is the name of a male lion?

A male lion is called a lion and a female is called a lioness.Lion.

What Top 50 adjectives for a lion?

Brave lion. ,brown lion , yellow ish lion , dangerous lion ,old lion ,weak lion,

Knock knock who there lion lion who?

Lion like a rug. Dandy lion. Clothes lion. Lion O' type.

What are the 7 types of lion?

Indian Lion Barbary Lion White Lion West African Lion North East Congo Lion East African Lion Cape Lion

Is barbary lion the lion?

Sorry, barbary. You are a lion, but not the king lion. That one is the African lion.

What makes a lion lion?

a lion

What is the name of male of lion?

male lion - LION female lion - LIONESS

Who is the voice of the Food Lion lion?

Is the lion in the food lion commercial real

Why does lion become harmful?

When lion hungry lion want to eat then lion get harmful

When was Lion Vs. Lion created?

Lion Vs. Lion was created in 1981.

What is the opposite gender of lioness?

A lion The male is a lion and the female is lioness

What cartoons have a lion in them?

Some examples of cartoons with a lion in them are: Kimba the White Lion, The Lion King, and Snagglepuss has a mountain lion featured in it. In The Wizard of Oz books, the cowardly lion is depicted as a lion that can talk.

Describe your dad as an animal?


Is the lion in food lion commercials a real lion?


What is the male lion and the female lion called?

The male lion is simply the lion, as female is the lionness.A male is a lion a female is a lioness

Is The Lion King a real lion?

No, The Lion King is not a real lion. The Lion King is just a fictional title given to a male alpha lion who holds power over the Pridelands in The Lion King universe.

I need a joke with this answer a moo-lion?

what di you call a mooing lion? a moo-lion

What is stronger a mountain lion or a lion?

A lion is much bigger, and with that stronger, than a mountain lion.

Lion in Hindi?

Lion = sher 🦁

Where is a lion on a foodchain?

The lion is the top of the foodchain because the lion is the 2 strongest cat after the tiger the lion is strong and powerful the lion is the 1st of the foodchain the lion will fight all comers that earn him the title king of beast the lion paw swipe is very strong the lion can banlace his self the lion can fight with 2 hand or 1 the lion is very strong a lion can fight any cat that changlle him the lion is e king of the jungle to the lion can take down a fully grown elephant a lion can kill a crocodile and bufflo or wildbeast the lion is the top cat so the tiger is bigger then the lion but some lion is bigger then some tiger the lion and tiger are the 2 top cat the lion mane prtocet him if he's in a fight the lion is the top of the foodchain

Which is stronger African lion or Asian lion?

African Lion

What is the biggest type of lion?

The biggest lion is the Barbary lion

Who is bigger out of a barbary lion and a African lion?

a barbary lion

How do you say lion in Latin?

leo=lion or Leo=Lion

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