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it is a remote controlled car that uses a nitro engine to power it the nitro engine is a small 2 stroke engine that runs off of nitro fuel and these cars can go very fast and have lotxs of pwer

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Where can you buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars?

RC Nitro has the one speed nitro rc buggy for $119. See the related links below for two other sites you can buy inexpensive RC Nitro cars.

What would win electric RC car or nitro RC car?

nitro as it will get a better boost

What does a nitro RC car run on?

ok. you must be stupid, but a NITRO RC car runs on nitro. duhhh its a mix of nitro methane and either sinthetic or castor oils

Where could one go to get help building a nitro RC truck?

There are several websites that one could get help building a nitro RC truck. These websites include RC Car Action, YouTube, RC Vehicles, and Nitro RC Car.

What is the smallest nitro RC engine available?

The Cox .010 nitro engine

RC electric boats vs nitro RC boats?

I'm guessing nitro boats are a lot faster and quicker accellrating.

Does a nitro RC car go faster or a gas RC car?

i have both and my nitro gas goes faster than the gas

What is the use of a cheap nitro RC car?

A cheap nitro remote control car can allow you to get into the hobby of RC cars easily as the cars can be quite expensive. Once you have your cheap nitro RC car, fuel will be your biggest expense.

What is better a nitro RC car or a nitro RC truck?

a nitro RC car is faster on street but if u want a nice jumping one then get a truck. *Offroad vs Onroad* Trucks last longer because they are built better...

What companies make Nitro RC cars?

There are many companies that make Nitro RC cars. These companies include: Hobby Town USA, Traxxas, Exceed RC, and many other big businesses. The best Nitro RC car company is Traxxas. They have the best RC cars available but are very expensive.

What is the difference between a petrol or a nitro RC car?

One difference is that a nitro RC car runs on nitromethane and a petrol one runs on a mixture of petrol or gasoline and oil. Another is a nitro RC car will run longer on a gallon of fuel.

Do nitro rc trucks run well on dirt roads?

There are on road and off road models of nitro RC trucks. Choose an off road model for dirt roads. More information is available at

Where do you go to go gas for a RC car and how much is it?

you don't use gas you use nitro methaneThe actual gas is called Nitro methane. 20% nitro fuel is a good all around fuel for nitropowered rc cars

Nitro RC cars?

racing car

Are nitro RC cars banned in England?


What is the best nitro rc engine?

The Nitro Rustler seems to be the best nitro RC engine on the market and is manufactured by a trusted brand name. With this engine, you can expect to see speeds of 50+ mph and it has excellent acceleration.

Where can one get RC Nitro cars for cheap?

RC Nitro cars are remote control toy cars that people use or race as hobbies. The best place to buy a RC Nitro car is at a store that carries the car and the best time is when it is on sale for the cheapest price.

What is maximum speed for a nitro rc boat? reports that the world record for a nitro RC boat is right around 124 mph. Check the following link

What fuel do you use with RC cars?

If it is NITRO powered you use anywhere from 20% nitro fuel to 33% nitro fuel. Traxxas top fuel is the best fuel for nitro cars.

What type of nitro do RC cars run on?

Any nitro, ranging between 5% and 30% nitro. Anything more would clog the engine.

Do RC nitro cars have reverse?

the Revo 3.3 does

What is a nitro RC car?

a RC car that runs on a special high octain fuel.

Where can one buy a Nitro RC Truck?

Nitro RC Trucks can be purchased at any number of hobby shops. One should call a local hobby shop to inquire about this product or visit Nitro RCX or Tower Hobbies online.

Who invented the nitro car?

Mardave, a British company, developed the first nitro radio-controlled vehicle in 1971 A Company back in 1971 named Mardave was the first to invent a nitro rc. They were a British company. still manufacturing RC today.

What are some major safety measures of nitro rc boat?

There are many rules and guidelines for the nitro rc boat. Some of these are "wear alife vest around water", handle and store nitro fuel safely, and abide by impba safety regyulations.

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