What is a non-renewable energy source?

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Any of the fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) is a non renewable source of energy.

Any resource for which there is a finite or limited supply. Fossil fuels do not generate fast enough to meet our demand and use, because it takes millions of years to naturally form more.
the examples are coal ,oil ,gas and copper
coal and oil
Anything that takes more than a lifetime to replenish : coal, oil.
Natural resources that are used up more quickly than they can be replaced are nonrenewable resources. Earths supply of nonrenewable resources are limited . You use nonrenewable resources when you take home groceries in plastic bags, paint a wall, or travel by car. plastic, paints, and gasoline are made from important nonrenewable resources called petroleum, or oil, petroleum is formed mostly from the remains of microscopic marine organisms buried in the earths crust. It is nonrenewable because it takes hundreds of millions of years for it to form.
Non renewable energy is anything that will eventually run out, for example coal, gas, all sorts of fossil fuels
A couple examples of non-renewable ressources are Fossil fuels (such as coal, petroleum and natural gas) and nuclear power (uranium) are examples.
Anything that's mined from the Earth.

In the field of energy, that includes:
*natural gas
*shale oil
*methane (cow wiener because they eat so much grass, no joke, ask your science teachers or such because it is true, the grass causes flatulent digestion)

I Think Coal.
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Is oil a non-renewable source of energy?

Things are non-renewable when they can only be used once. Oil can only be used once. Sunlight, used in solar power, can be used every day till the end of time.

What are non-renewable sources of energy?

Non-renewable energy sources are the ones which we can only use once and of which there are relatively limited amounts available. Typically, these are oil, natural gas and coal . They were formed inside the earth over millions of years from dead organisms. Such fossil fuels (petroleum, meth ( Full Answer )

Can you classify energy sources into the renewable and non-renewable groups?

Non-Renewable . When you use petrol, gas, coal... basically anything you burn to produce heat and then turn this energy into electricity of mechanical energy (a car engine) you are using a raw material that is not going to be replaced . In fact petrol, gas and coal takes million of years to be n ( Full Answer )

What are the meanings of renewable and non-renewable in relation to energy sources?

Renewable = which can be used again eg. wind, water, energy from sun. Non-renewable = which cannot be used again eg. coal, petroleum. Renewable energy is the direction we should be heading in, this will not only clean up the environment but create millions of green jobs too. It's time people parti ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of non-renewable energy sources?

The advantage of non renewable energy, is it's easy and cheap to use. There is no better way to store transfer and use energy than gasoline for powering motor vehicles. It's quick to pump fossil fuel into a car. Its stable in the tank and a gas tank hold quite a bit, and a gasoline powered car is ch ( Full Answer )

Why is oil a non-renewable energy source?

Because it is not a natural source and one day it will end up being none left. Oil takes millions of years to produce that oil from underground and it is said that we use it much faster than it produces.

What are the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?

A renewable source of energy is something that is being continually replaced faster than we use it up. A renewable fuel can be replaced. This would include biomass, you crop it and next season you grow another crop. A renewable source is one that can be used over and over without it running out. ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and non-renewable energy sources?

1. Advantages of renewable energy: The main advantage is the fact that they arerenewable. We will never run out of sources of renewable energy (atleast in our lifetimes, as long as humans will exist) . solar energy - the sun will always be there,and in abundance - the amount of solar energy inte ( Full Answer )

Are fuel cells a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Fuel cells are a manufactured item and are not renewable. The fuel that is used in the fuel cells can either be renewable (alcohol, methane from waste digestion,hydrogen from wind or solar conversion of water) or non-renewable (Hydrogen or methane from oil and gas production, alcohol from industri ( Full Answer )

Are renewable sources of energy cheaper than non-renewable sources?

Not as of yet. Most renewable energy sources are still expensive and many are not yet ready for large scale use. Some, such as hydroelectric, are comparable to fossil fuel costs. When this happens, you will see companies naturally migrate to the renewables. Sometimes companies will even start mig ( Full Answer )

How are non-renewable sources of energy used?

Non-renewable sources of energy are fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas). These are used in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, usually by burning, which releases carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). This is the main cause of global warming and climate change.

Three non-renewable energy sources?

Fossil Fuels GeoThermal Energy Nuclear Energy Chemical- depending on the source chemical. Yes I No That's 4... ;) Petroleum (crude oil), natural gas (methane and other gases) and coal (not charcoal).

What non renewable energy source is wind energy replacing?

Well it isn't really replacing any one resource; it is a renewable source of energy. We have free space somewhere, so we filled it with windmill type objects to get some energy since nothing else was there (plus they are less expensive than solar paneling). So basically, they are helping to reach th ( Full Answer )

What energy sources are non-renewable?

Natural resources that are used up more quickly than they can be replaced are nonrenewable resources. Earths supply of nonrenewable resources are limited . You use nonrenewable resources when you take home groceries in plastic bags, paint a wall, or travel by car. plastic, paints, and gasoline are m ( Full Answer )

Is nuclear fission a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Nuclear fusion is nonrenewable, because it relies on uranium beingfound and extracted from ores, and there is no way to replace thisonce it is used up. It is true you can make fissile material fromnonfissile U-238, but then eventually all the U-238 would be usedup, so that breeding process just enab ( Full Answer )

Is tidal power a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Tidal power is a renewable source of energy. It relies on the gravity of the moon to move the tides up and down. We can take advantage of the moving water to generate electricity without using up any of the energy. The same energy will come back with the next tide.

What is meant by non-renewable source of energy?

The term Nonrenewable energy is used for Energy that could run out or deplete. Renewable energy is just the Opposite, Energy that can be used again and again. Examples: NR - Coal, Oil. R - Solar, Wind.

Is gas a non-renewable energy source?

If you meant natural gas, then yes, it is a non-renewable energy source. It is a part of fossil fuels which are animals and plants that were buried millions of years ago. Once is it burnt, it is gone forever and cannot be renewed. gas is renewable depending on what type of gas you are talking about ( Full Answer )

Is wind power a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Wind is a constantly renewable source of energy. Wind energy is renewable because it harnesses the earth's natural winds. Wind power does not consume anything to be produced. It is the same basic concept as hydroelectric power. renewable

What is the Differentiate renewable from non renewable source of energy?

We are all a little uneasy about our future with regard to the way we generate energy and power. Solar Energy is the process by which we use the radiant energy from the sun. Solar Power is the process of converting sunlight into electricity. The places and methods by which we get our raw materials f ( Full Answer )

Is coal a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Coal Is non renewable. You can only use it once, and then it's ash. Renewable means you use it today, like heat stored from the sun, and more heat still there tomorrow to store again. An example involves wood (burned directly) or crops (converted to ethyl or methyl alcohol or biodiesel and then b ( Full Answer )

Is food a non- renewable source of energy?

No Food under normal circumstances is a renewable source of energy. Food is the result of plants getting energy from the sun and converting this energy into storage. the plants can the be eaten and the energy used. The plant however puts out seed and grows again renewing itself as a source of energy ( Full Answer )

Is gas a non renewable energy source?

Yes. Gas is a non-renewable energy because it is comes from fossil fuels which were made millions of years ago. So when we use it, there's no more left.

Why is petrol a non renewable energy source?

Petrol is actually, to some degree, renewable. It was formed naturally by the decomposition of organic matter over millions of years; millions of years from now, the earth's supply of fossil fuel will renew itself. However, because the rate of human consumption of petrol and other fossil fuels far e ( Full Answer )

Is biofuel a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

It is a renewable resource. Biofuel is renewable because the process that generates the fuel is ongoing. Trees can be regrown, sewage can be converted into methane, and oil and alcohol can be generated from various plants. Biofuel takes carbon dioxide from the air as the original vegetation grows, a ( Full Answer )

Is hydroelectric power a renewable or non-renewable source of energy?

Hydroelectric power is renewable. The rivers that provide thispower continue to flow; they are continually renewed by rain, anddo not get used up. Hydroelectric energy is considered a renewable resource. The rainfalls, runs into creeks, then rivers, then the ocean, where itevaporates then falls as r ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by non-renewable sources of energy?

Non renewable energy is energy that can't be renewed or replaced by the exact same energy, like coal or oil. You need to find another of the same energy to use it again. In other words, once you use that energy, once you burn the oil, it is gone.

Is coal renewable or non renewable energy source?

Coal is a nonrenewable energy source. It took millions of years to create coal. Once it runs out, it's gone for a very long time. Wind and solar are renewal energy sources. There are constantly created all the time. It's always windy. It's always sunny.

Is biofuel a renewable or non renewable source of energy?

Renewable. Biodiesel comes from plants, which get their energy from the Sun, which is a renewable energy source (there's always going to be more energy coming from the Sun until it burns out 4.5 billion years from now). You can always plant more biofuel crops and you can always get more energy from ( Full Answer )

Why is a renewable energy source better than a non renewable energy source?

You kind of answered it in your question; that's just it, because it's renewable. If an energy is unable to become new again you can't use it more than once. Non renewable energy is used and then you have to seek new energy, so why not just use renewable to avoid the costly expenditures. Hope this h ( Full Answer )

Which energy sources are non renewable?

Non-renewable energy is any energy resource that is 'finite'. Examples are coal, oil, gas. renewable energy would be wave, wind, & solar.