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a mineral that does not contain compounds of silicon and oxygen

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Is ice a silicate or nonsilicate mineral?

It is a nonsilicate mineral. It is an oxide.

Is mica nonsilicate mineral?

No. Mica is a silicate mineral.

Is feldspar a nonsilicate mineral?

No. Feldspar is a silicate mineral.

A mineral that does not contain silicon and oxygen?

A nonsilicate mineral.

Is talc a nonsilicate mineral?


A mineral that lacks silicon or oxygen is called what?

Nonsilicate mineral

Is Hanksite A Silicate or a Nonsilicate Mineral?

It is a non-silicate mineral.

Is kyanite a silicate or nonsilicate mineral?

Yes It Is A Silicate Mineral

Is biotite a silicate or nonsilicate mineral?


What mineral contains soduim and chlorine and is nonsilicate?


What are the two different mineral groups?

Silicate and nonsilicate

What nonsilicate mineral glows under ultraviolet light?

The Nonsilicate minerals that glows under ultraviolet light are HALIDES.

Is a diamond a silicate mineral?

No it is a nonsilicate mineral because it is formed from only carbon and not silicate.

Definition of nonsilicate mineral?

It is a mineral whose chemical formula does not contain the silica tetrahedron.

Is tourmaline nonsilicate or silicate mineral?

tourmaline is a complex aluminum and boron silicate mineral

Which minerals are a nonsilicate mineral?

Mica? Quartz? Gypsum? Feldspar? It has to be one of them.

Is apatite a nonsilicate mineral?

Yes. The chemical composition of apatite is calcium phosphate.

Are carbonates an important nonsilicate rock-forming mineral group?

Yes they are.

Is pearl a silicate or nonsilicate mineral?

A pearl is not a mineral because it came from a living thing, therefore pearls are not silicates or nonsilicates.

Is ruby a silicate or nonsilicate mineral?

A Ruby is a non-silicate because it just is lol

What mineral is a nonsilicate is a native element and has a specific gravity of 19?

native gold is 19.3

What is a very heavy sulfate mineral?

Baryte is an extremely heavy sulfate mineral and is a nonsilicate. It is generally colorless and is the main source of barium.

What mineral is nonsilicate contains sodium and chlorine breaks at 90 degrees in three directions?


Is limestone a nonsilicate mineral?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. It generally is not a silicate, but MAY be located with silicates.

What type of mineral does not contain a combination of silicon and oxygen?

Nonsilicate minerals, like Galena (formula: PbS)