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The best answer is nothing

But you can argue for simple crystals if the conditions are just right.

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How does cell reproduction cause repair in organisms?

It causes repair in organisms, cause it grows then it eventually repairs itself.

Is a mushroom living or nonliving?

yes, it has the eight charicteristics of life -responds to enviroment -reproduces -exchanges gasses -needs nutrients -made of cells -needs water and food -produces waste -grows

What phase of the cell cycle where the genetic material duplicates?

The genetic material is replicated in the S phase, during which the cell grows and reproduces all contents inside itself.

Is a bacterium an organism?

Yes it is. It is a living thing. It grows, respires and reproduces.

How can rest promote health?

During sleep, the body grows and repairs itself. So without sufficient sleep, the body is more susceptible to sickness.

Is a apple living or nonliving?

It is living.Cause it grows from trees rightttttttt......

Is a tree a nonliving thing?

No, trees are alive. A tree is a living thing. It grows leaves, and grows bigger.

Are human bones considered living tissue?

Human bones are definitely considered to be living tissue. This is because bone grows and repairs itself as time goes on.

What are the characteristics that distinguish living things and nonliving things?

7 characteristics define all living things. If it is missing one of the characteristics, it's not living. 1)It is made up of cells 2)It can adapt to its environment 3)It reproduces offspring similar to itself 4)It requires fuel 5)It produces waste 6)It grows 7) I'm not quite sure

Is yeast a living thing?

Yes, yeast is alive it eats sugars, it grows, it reproduces.

How can you test if something is living or nonliving?

you can tell if something is living or non-living when it meets all 8 characteristics which is when it ....reproduces, has 1 or more cell, reacts to stimuli, consumes nutrients, produces waste, exchanges gases, contains water and when it grows!!!!! hoped that this helped!=)

Define living things?

Anything that: - Feeds - Moves - Respires - Reproduces - Senses - Grows - Excretes

How does a potato regenerate itself?

A potato grows a root through itself, and then another potato grows.("'\(o.o)/"')

Is a chicken egg living or nonliving and why?

Living the chick grows inside the egg doesn't it?

What is the source?

A source is the place where you get things - the main stash of something, or a place where something reproduces, grows or gathers.

Characteristcs of living things?

made of cells requires energy input grows reproduces reacts to its envionment

Is a meerkat multicellular?

Yes a meerkat is mulicellular because it moves, grows and developes, reproduces, and produces energy.

What repairs broken bones?

time and no accual movement.. the bone cartilage over grows itself and wala you gota healed bone. BUT i dont suggest breaking your bones seems like it hurts?

How long does it take a body to rejuvenate itself?

Ok. I'll take a stab at this question. A body grows, and repairs itself during sleep. So a full nights sleep (7-8 hours is the accepted norm) is required for a body to become 'rejuvenated'.

What happens as a cell grows larger in size?

it divides itself. This process is known as mitosis. mitosis helps the growth of organisms and it also repairs and replaces old/damaged cells inside organism's body.

What are the 5 characteristics of organisms?

Heredity/DNA reproduces fertile offspring maintains homeostasis grows and develops and...metabolizes energy

What are the 7 signs of living organism?

Well, here are the ones I know:-grows and develops-has metabolism-responds to stimuli-reproduces

What are some examples of unicellular fungi?

Yeast is an example. It (like other fungus) grows as a mycelium and yeast reproduces by budding

Why should you drink a protein shake after working out?

protein repairs your damaged muscle after working out. when you use resistance based machinery to build muscle, you actually create tiny tears in your muscles and, as with anything, when it repairs itself it grows larger and stronger. the more protein in your diet, the greater the increase up to a certain point.

What is it when a cell adds structure to itself?