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What is a normal heartrate for a 3-year-old male?

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Roughly 100 beats per minute, but it can range between 80-120.

2006-07-24 13:31:00
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Q: What is a normal heartrate for a 3-year-old male?
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What is the average heartrate for an 11 year old male after 10 minutes of riding a bicycle?

He should be back to his normal resting heart rate, whatever that is for him.

What is the normal heartrate for babies in the womb at 33 weeks?


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What is a normal heartrate for a 12 month old?

what is the normal heaqrt rate for a children 12mon-18years old

Is 56 beats per minute a normal heart rate for a 25 year-old male?

The answer to your question is no. Your heart should beat from at least 70 to 100 maybe. Actually a normal resting heartrate for an adult male is anywhere between 60-100 beats and depending on fitness lower than 50.

What should the average heart rate be for someone using Adderall?

I know it speeds up when it first kicks in, after that is gets normal. I have had no trouble with heartrate when i go to doc. I have no idea on actual heartrate

Whats a normal heart rate for a 68 year old woman?

what is a normal heartrate for a 68 healthy, average wt, woman?

Is heart rate of 114 too high for a female?

no normal heartrate is in between 80 - 130.

Is 153 heartrate normal for a 30 year old female?

No, a normal heart rate for anyone is 60-100 bpm (beats per minute)

What is a normal heart rate and blood pressure for a 12 yr old boy?

Well, there is no common range. It mostly depends on your blood type and everything, but their is a range for people who have too low of a heartrate to people who have too high of a heartrate.

Is 126 bpm a normal heartrate for a 7 year old who is resting but also sick with fever?

No!!!!! Take her to the doctor as soon as possible!!!

What is the normal size of an adult male kidney?

whats the normal size of a adult male

An ECG provides imformation about what?

An ECG provides information about the wearer of the ECG's heartrate and rhythm of the heart. It provides information about wether it is normal or abnormal.

How does fast dancing affect your heartrate?

Fast dancing or any other aerobic activity will increase your heartrate.

Im 27 weeks pregnant and the doctors says the baby has an irregular heartrate is this normal?

no... its irregular.... go back and ask him why he said that without explaining it to you.

What is the normal heartrate for babies in the womb at 20 weeks?

It is probably 180 beats/minute. At term the heart rate of the fetus is about 140 beats/minute.

Is 43 beats per minute a normal heart rate for a 17-year-old male?

Yeah, no. 43 is a good resting heartrate (I'm a 19-year-old female, and mine is 30), but if you're up and around, it's generally kind of odd.

What are the units used to measure heartrate?

The unit used to measure heartrate is number of heart beats per unit time.

Is it normal for a 66 year old female heart rate to stay at 139 beats per minute?

For a resting heartrate that's way too high.

How many times does your heart beat when you kiss?

It depends on how you feel. If you are nervous or excited, your heartrate will be faster than normal, which is 90-100 beats per minute.

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Is 125 beats per minute a normal heart rate for an 14 year-old female who is at rest normal?

No, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. When the heartrate is above 100, it is what's know as tachycardia.

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