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40 weeks

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Q: What is a normal term of pregnancy?
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I just found out I was pregnant I have had one eptopic pregnancythen a normal pregnancy that went full term and now another eptopic pregnancy Can I still have a normal full term pregnancy?

Yes-you can still have a normal full term pregnancy.

Not having contration at 37 weeks of your pregnancy is normal?

Yes, its normal not to have contractions yet. 37 weeks is considered "full term" but a full term pregnancy is 37-42 weeks.

How much is normal amniotic fluid at full term pregnancy?


Medical term for the normal duration or 40 weeks of pregnancy?

Gestation period

How many weeks are in a normal first pregnancy?

40 weeks is the general term for pregnancy though it can be anywhere from 37-42.

What is the normal range of prolactin levels during pregnancy?

6 ng/ml during early pregnancy to 210 ng/ml near term for an uncomplicated pregnancy

What is the medical term meaning pertaining to pregnancy and the puerperium?

gravidopuerperal: pretaining to the pregnancy and the childbirth (from delivery until reproductive organs return to normal.

What is the normal creatinine level for pregnancy?

what is the normal creatinine level during pregnancy? what is the normal creatinine level during pregnancy?

Can a woman carry pregnancy to full term with one kidney?

A person can live a completely normal life with only one kidney, and I assume that would mean a full-term pregnancy, too.

Do you carry a baby for 10 months?

A normal full term pregnancy is approximately 9 months for a human.

Can you receive short term disability prior to giving birth if your pregnancy is normal?

Most likely not. Short term disability will cover disability due to pregnancy complications, but not for plain vanilla bed rest.

What is medical term for a pregnancy that is out of place?

The term is ectopic pregnancy.

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